What Penalty for Child-Molesting and Rape?

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By way of brief Introduction.  I myself own a personally-autographed copy of Chicago’s John Marshall Law School’s Professor of Law Dr. Palmer D. Edwards’s ground-breaking 1959 book  Law and Civilization.   It rightly declares1 that "the principles of the Ten Commandments are at the very heart of any legal system based on justice.   [U.S. President] Woodrow Wilson said that the laws of Moses…contributed suggestions and impulse to the men and institutions which were to prepare the modern world….

"The first five books of the Old Testament, sometimes referred to as the Pentateuch or Torah, are a rich repository of the detailed law of the time with which they dealt, and constitute a fundamental portion of the subsequent Hebrew Law….   The Puritans…appealed to the Word of God as expressed in the Hebrew Scriptures.  

"They opposed the Law of that Word, to man-made laws….  ‘God’s Law’ meant to the Puritans primarily Scripture."   Thus Chicago Law Professor Dr. P.D. Edwards.    

God wrote His Moral Law – including the substance of the Sixth Commandment (‘You shall not murder or violate!’ and the Seventh Commandment (‘You shall not commit adultery or sexual uncleanness!’) into the unfallen Adam’s heart.   As such, it binds him and all of his descendants of all races and religions – for all time.   Hosea 6:7-10 & Romans 2:12-16.

Rape, as distinct from adultery and fornication, is the wrongful sexual violation of an unwilling person (despite age or gender).   Rape is to sexual intercourse, what kidnapping and robbery are to theft.    All three of these transgressions are crimes of violence rather than of sex or property.   For rape, robbery, kidnapping and child-molestation all represent violent aggression against  those who are weaker.   First Peter 3:7 cf. Ephesians 5:25 to 6:4.                     

Child-molesting, whether homosexually or heterosexually, is the rape and enslavement of those who are even more defenceless than women as the weaker sex.   Pedo-philia (which actually means ‘love for a child’) should much more appropriately rather be called ped-er-asty (which means ‘er-otic desire for a child’).   Unchecked pederasty leads to statutory child-rape (whether heterosexually or homosexually).   That is the most vicious form of all rapes.   For the poor child is here much more helpless than is a full-grown woman who gets raped.

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Pornography often leads to rape; child-porno often leads to child-rape; and the rape of the younger sometimes leads to the rape of the older, and vice-versa.   While expounding the Seventh Commandment: "You shall not be sexually unclean!" – the Westminster Larger Catechism 139opq in the same breath condemns "adultery, fornication, rape, incest, sodomy and all unnatural lusts" – together with all "lascivious…pictures…and other provocation to…acts of uncleanness….   Ezekiel 23:14-16 & Mark 6:22."

Yet rape, child-molestation, robbery and kidnapping are transgressions of the Sixth Commandment ("you shall not murder!") even more than they are of the Seventh or Eighth Commandments ("you shall not wrongfully copulate!" and "you shall not steal!").   Accordingly, being crimes of violence (unlike fornication and pilfering) – rape, child-molestation and robbery all deserve the death penalty.  

So too, incidentally, does kidnapping – alias manstealing those of any age.   And so too does adultery (alias willing sexual intercourse between persons one of whom is known to be married to yet another).   For adultery, like homosexuality, kills family-friendly marriage.   Moreover, child-molestation – in addition – robs the young of their sexual innocence.

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The Triune God is ever-living, strong, and pure.   He created mankind – men, women, and children – as His Own images.  Genesis 1:26-28.   Adam invoked the everlasting death penalty, when he sinned against God – and against himself as the image of God.   Genesis 2:15-17.   But God the Son would become the Seed of the woman and, by being bruised in the place of elect mankind, crush that old ‘rapist’ the devil.   Genesis 3:15f.  

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