What is Spirit-Baptism?

19. The doctrine in Eph. 1:11-14, is quite the same. "We have obtained an inheritance (ekleerootheemen). Consequently, we who have previously started trusting (proeelpikotas) in Christ, should be to the praise of His glory. In Him you too [have started trusting] — having heard [akousantes] the Word of truth, the Good News of your salvation. In Him you also, having trusted [pisteusantes], were sealed (esphragistheete) by the Holy Spirit of promise Who is the earnest [or ‘down-payment’] of our inheritance unto the redemption of the possession purchased — to the praise of His glory!" This promise was sealed to us especially during our water baptism (cf. 4:5 & 5:26). As Rev. Prof. Dr. Abraham Kuyper declares in his Locus de Sacramentis (V:128): "Eph. 1:13 is spoken to persons who first stood outside of Christ; who then received knowledge of the truth; and who then got baptized. By virtue of the mystical operation of the Holy Spirit at baptism, their own spirit has now become assimilated to that of Christ!"

20. This is further seen in Eph. 4:4f,30; 5:18,26; & 6:4. "There is…one Spirit…, one baptism (hen Pneuma…, hen baptisma)…. Do not keep on grieving (lupeite) the Holy Spirit of God, by Whom you were sealed esphragistheete) unto the day of redemption." Constantly, now "keep on being filled in the Spirit (pleerousthe en Pneumati)…, so that Christ, having cleansed (katharisas)" the Church, "might keep on sanctifying her (auteen hagiaseei) with the washing of water (loutrooi tou hudatos) by the Word (en Rheemati)…. Fathers, do not keep on provoking your children to anger; but do keep on bringing them up in the teaching and nourishment of the Lord!"                           * * * * * * * Finally. I Pet. 1:23 & 2:5 & 3:21 cumulatively teach that baptism engrafts all believing descendants of Shem and of Ham and of Japheth into the 'ark' of the Visible Church, and thereafter requires them to keep on living in the Spirit. Note here the sequence: "born again"; "spiritual house"; and "baptism" (by 1:2 "sprinkling")! Thereafter, I Pet. 4:10f insists that as each has received a charisma, he must keep on ministering it to others…. If you keep on being reproached, happy you are — for the Spirit of glory and of God keeps on resting upon you (anapauetai)." When do Christians first receive the sign that this Spirit is resting upon them? Surely at their water baptism! Is it not then, that the Angel [cf. the Minister of the Word and Sacraments!] seals God's servants in the Church Militant on their forehead with the seal (sphragida) of the living God? Rev. 7:2-4 cf. 2:1f. The 'Great Commission' to disciple and baptize all the nations, Mt. 28:19, shall one day be completed. Then, even when they get to glory — God's servants in the Church Triumphant from every nation, will still wear "His Name on their foreheads" unto all eternity (Rev. 7:2-9 & 21:24-26 & 22:2-4f). "Amen, even so, come, Lord Jesus!"

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