The Roots and Fruits of Islam

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The 14th century B.C. great Prophet Moses stated the one true God 'Elohiym was triune (Genesis 1:1-3,26) from all eternity.   Centuries later, the Arabic ancestors of Mohammad claimed he was unitarian 'al-Lah.

Nico van den Dussen wrote: "Years ago, there was an error in the Reformed Church of South Africa where it was principally being taught that the god of Islam could be the same as our God — on the basis that the ‘names of god’ such as ‘El/Allah’ (etc.) are supposed to have had the same linguistic derivation.   The idol of Islam, according to that error, would then have been a dim reflection of the God Whom we worship.

"This error can easily be refuted, if one brings together both NAME and works.   We know God not only by His NAME, but especially by His works — which agree with His NAME."

Prof. Dr. Paul Kruger [RCSA] answered: “I requested information  from Dr. Nigel Lee about his remark that Allah is connected with the moon-goddess of the [Ancient] Arabs.   If that is true, and if Muslims experience it as such (even syncretistically) — I would not doubt that it involves an idol.   I wish for myself still to investigate the valued references which Dr. Lee sent me.

"Yet there are other explanations — inter alia, that Muhammad vaguely heard about the true God from his ‘Christian’ and Jewish wives.   The fact that Christian Arabs too use the Name Allah in translating Elohim (God), complicates matters — as too do statements by missionaries that they know of no converts who were formerly Muslims who are now convinced they formerly worshipped another God than they do now.

"I am honestly convinced that this much more concerns the interpretation of Islam, than it does truth or error in respect of the [Belgic] Confession of Faith.   I would distantiate myself very strongly from somebody who also maintains that Islam is an alternative way to God.

"There is no salvation outside of Christ.   The Muslims transgress at least the Second Commandment by their dangerous will-worship.   Actually I believe Islam is inherently not only a way of self-redemption, but is also dangerous.

"In the most recent edition of ‘Time’ it is inter alia acknowledged that persecution against Christians (in Iraq) is increasing rapidly.   Elsewhere, that is also the case — e.g., Indonesia.

"What is indeed true, is that transgression of the Second and First Commandments are very close to once another, and are sometimes difficult to distinguish from one another.   Worshipping the golden calf at Sinai was worshipping JHWH according to one’s own will-worship.   But it also finally became idolatry.

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"Although I am therefore not 100% convinced that one can without further ado call Islam’s Allah an idol in the sense in which the Hindus worship idols, I do not stress the matter so much that I wish to make a polemic out of it.   It is more important to preach the unfalsified gospel to this people, wherever that is in any way possible.   The unfalsified gospel includes the doctrine of God’s Trinitarianness, as we profess it in our Confessions of Faith."

Rev. Dr. Lee wrote: "Dear Nico and Paul.   I don’t think Muslims themselves (except for ‘liberal’ Muslim-‘heretics’ like Salmon Rushdie) would acknowledge that there is a connection between Al-Lah and the Pre-Islamic Arabian goddess Al-Lat.

Sura 53:19-21 in the Koran itself, states: "Have you seen Lat, and ’Uzza, and another, the third (goddess) Manat?   What!     For you the male sex, and for Him the female?"

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