The Olivet Discourse and the Destruction of Jerusalem in Prophecy

     Whoever the above righteous Zachariah was, it is clear he had been slain by those Scribes and Pharisees who were Christ's contemporaries.   This is why God would avenge them in that very "generation" (30 to 70 A.D.).    

     Indeed, the wrath of God did come — to the uttermost — upon that hell-bound and snake-like generation of vipers.   For they were the pharisaical sons of the persecutors of the Prophets.   And they would themselves kill and scourge also Christ's Apostles and Prophets and Wise men and Scribes.   Indeed, they even dared to demand the crucifixion also of the very Lord of Glory Himself.3050 

     For "all" those "things" of God's uttermost wrath and vengeance finally fell on that very generation of unsaved Israelites and their Christ-rejecting Leaders.   That occured when God destroyed the Judaists' temple in 70 A.D.    

     Yet even that necessary action, clearly foreseen by the omniscient Son of God, gave Him no pleasure.   To the contrary, because He continued to love Jerusalem to her very end, He grievously lamented. 

     "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem!" — exclaimed Jesus Christ.   Then, probably having particularly Jerusalem's apostate Leaders in mind, He continued: "You who keep on killing the Prophets and keep on stoning them who are sent to you" to try to heal you!   How often I wanted to gather [My elect alias] your children together — even as a hen gathers her chickens under her wings [in parental care]!   But you [apostate Pharisees] did not want that!"   You did not want to encourage Jerusalem's children to be gathered unto Me!    

     Calvin takes pains to point out that Christ still had an enduring love for His Ancient People Israel.   For he here comments that not just "once and again did God 'wish to gather them together.'   But by constant and uninterrupted advances, He sent to them 'the Prophets' — one after another….   

     "Christ, speaking in the Person of God, compares Himself to 'a hen'….   It is an amazing and unparalleled instance of love….   In more than one way, God 'spread out His wings' to cherish that People….   'Prophets' were sent to 'gather together' the wandering and dispersed into the bosom of God….    

     "Whenever the Word of God is exhibited to us, He opens His bosom to us with maternal kindness — and, not satisfied with this, condescends to the humble affection of 'a hen' watching over her 'chickens'….   Now, with far greater familiarity and kindness, He invites us to Himself by His Son….              "All enjoy safety and rest who, by the obedience of faith, are 'gathered together' to God….  'Under His wings' they have an impregnable refuge….  

     "God, notwithstanding the obstinate rebellion of His Ancient People, was not all at once so much offended by it as to lay aside a father's love and a mother's anxiety….   He did not cease to send 'Prophets' after 'Prophets' in uninterrupted succession….    

     "In our own day, though He has experienced a marvellous depravity in the World, He still continues to dispense His grace….   God 'wills' to 'gather' all — so that all who do not come, may be inexcusable."   Thus Calvin. 

     It was therefore not the true 'children of Jerusalem' themselves who did not want Jesus to gather them unto Himself like a hen gathers her chickens under her wings.   It was the ungodly Scribes and Pharisees that did not want that to happen.   Thus John Calvin, John Gill, Matthew Henry, and Adam Clarke. 

          The Lord Jesus then predicted His wrathful vengeance against those wretched Scribes and Pharisees.   "Behold," Jesus told those wicked men, "your House is being abandoned to you — desolate!"    

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