The Historical Roots of the Australian Constitution

God created the first Adam hardly earlier than 4000 B.C. All men who have ever lived, descend from that Adam and also from his wife Eve whom God placed in a garden in Eden near four rivers in Mesopotamia, with God's Law written on his heart (Eccl. 7:29 cf. Rom. 3:14f). So the theories that Black Australians are '(ab-)origin-al' to Australia, or that they have lived in that Continent for at least 25 000 to 40 000 years, is radically false. Genesis 2:7 to 11:9f.

When the Most High God divided to the nations their inheritance and separated the sons of Adam, He set the boundaries of the people according to the number of the children of Israel — His very Own covenant people. Also the Israelites were tainted by sin. However, in their case they also received God's special revelation and His statutes in Holy Scripture to guide and to preserve them. Deuteronomy 7:15f & 32:8.

By His grace, the Almighty permitted especially Gomer and his descendants, as the first-mentioned sons of the blessed Japheth, to dwell in the tents of the Lord God of the Shemites as the covenant people. So, God's revelation in general — and


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Christianity as its fulfilment and completion — was to be preserved particularly among Gomer's descendants the Britons and their Common Law (of which latter, God's revelation and Christianity are part and parcel). Genesis 9:27 to 10:2f.

God has not left Himself without witness to His Law — even among the heathen. For whenever pagans who do not have the Law, by nature do the things contained in the Law — they are a law unto themselves. Indeed, they still show the work of the Law as having been written in their hearts — their conscience also bearing witness and their thoughts meanwhile accusing or else excusing one another in the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Christ according to the Gospel. Romans 1:18 to 2:16.

So there are indeed some few elements of righteousness also in pagan customs (including those of all the various diverse and uncivilized tribal peoples of Australia also prior to its colonization from the British Isles in 1788 A.D. However, there are far more elements of righteousness in British Common Law — because of its massive exposure to God's special revelation and Christianity for many centuries especially prior to 1788 A.D. On this, see Lord Chief Justice Sir Edward Coke —and Law Professor and Solicitor-General Sir William Blackstone.

This certainly means that whatever God regards as generally acceptable in the customs of the tribal peoples of Australia, must be respected and protected by all men of good will. Yet whatsoever therein is not good, should be neither ethically respected nor legally protected — but rather simply abandoned to the judgment of time.

So too, whatsoever God regards as evil in Western civilization — should be abandoned for certain extinction. However, the bulk of Western civilization before 1788 was good. British Common Law was, and is, its covenantal crown. As such, it should be respected and protected — and is destined for certain expansion.

Captain James Cook brought Blackstone's Common Law to Australia, and it took root in that Continent from the time of the 1788 Settlement. As much of it as is appropriate to Australia, is the law of the land. Since 1788, it has grown further within its Australian environment — also absorbing just as much from the native customs of this Continent as Australian Common Law itself considers to be useful. Modern humanistic United Nations' Conventions, however, as the brainchild of that organization and of the French Revolution of 1789 and of the Anti-Christian Verlichtung which sired them both — are by and large irreconcilable with Australian Common Law and should not be heeded whenever they clash therewith.

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