The Historical Roots of the Australian Constitution

In 1993, Scott Plowman in the Sydney Morning Herald cited the Australian ethnologists N.B. Tindale and H.A. Lindsay — whom Prof. Manning Clark himself had formerly referred to with approval9 — as regards the ancestors of Australia's Black Mainlanders encountered by Captain Cook in 1770. Of those Black Mainlanders, Plowman then wrote:10

"These intruders migrated from Asia and Indonesia…hopping from island to island…. They became the current Australian Aborigines. The little people, who were here first, were harassed and killed and continually driven south…. The tall men…left the [Negrito] pygmies isolated…in Tasmania…. It is not sustainable that our current Aborigines can claim first-use land rights…. Did the current original [viz. Mainland Black] Australians pay as much respect and compassion to the pygmies’ sacred sites, as they [today’s Black Mainlanders] demand from the rest of us?" No way!

The Europeans were the first to bring civilization to Australia

Even according to the leftist Manning Clark, civilization arrived in Australia only with the arrival of the Europeans. The entire Continent of Australia was colonized from 1788 onward chiefly by the Anglo-Celts from England, Ireland and Scotland They were Japhethites — the Caucasian seed or descendants of Japheth, the blessed son of Noah. For Noah had predicted: "God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem" by way of which Jesus Christ the Messiah and His Gospel would come into the World. Genesis 9:27 to 10:5 cf. Acts 1:6-8 & 10:1 to 11:19f with Isa.                                               

7 C.M.H Clark's Short History of Australia, Mentor, New York, 1st ed., Sept. 1963. 8 6th May 1993. 9 See nn. 4-6 above. 10 Sydney Morning Herald, June 10th 1993, p. 16.


– 4

41:1-6 & 42:1-12 & 49:1-22f & 60:3-5 & 66:12-19f. Those Japhethitic Anglo-Celts embraced Christianity; later went forth from the British Isles, and finally settled in the large and spacious "Deepest South" — way "Down Under" in the "Southland" of Australia, under the starry southern sky and its "Southern Cross."

First, they established the mother colony of New South Wales in 1788. After expansion westward — Tasmania was colonized, in 1825. Next, Western Australia was established, in 1829; then South Australia, in 1836. Victoria came into being in 1851; and then Queensland, in 1859.

The Commonwealth of Australia and its Federal Government were constituted by the people of those six States in 1900 and thereafter. The Northern Territory itself was constituted from South Australia already in 1863; later placed under federal jurisdiction in 1911; and soon expects to become the seventh State on the Continent of Australia.

Other Australian territories are found near Asia in the North — and right down to the polar regions in the South. Too, various Australian island dependencies are located all the way from the Indian Ocean in the West — to the South Pacific in the East.

All of the dependencies, states, and territories together comprise the Commonwealth of Australia. After Russia, it is by far the biggest country on our planet. Consisting of the entire Continent of Australia and half of the Continent of Antarctica as well as many off-coast islands — Australia is a (con)federation, and today the largest English-speaking country in the World.

Now the Triune God made the World and all things in it, seeing He is the Lord of Heaven and Earth. From one blood, He made all nations of men — in order that they may dwell on all the face of the Earth. He determined the appointed times and boundaries of their habitation, so that they should seek the Lord. He now commands all men everywhere to repent, for He has appointed a day in which He will judge the World in righteousness by the Second Adam. God assured us of this final judgment, by raising up that Second Adam (Jesus Christ) from the dead. Acts 17:24-31.

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