The Christian Foundations of Australia

Far from our ancient home, sundered by oceans, Zion is builded, and God is adored: Lift we our hearts in united devotions — Ends of the Earth, join in praise to the Lord!

Beauteous this land of ours, Bountiful Giver, Brightly the Heavens Thy glory declare. Streameth the sunlight on hill, plain, and river, Shineth Thy Cross over fields rich and fair.

Pardon our sinfulness, God of all pity, Call to remembrance Thy mercies of old! Strengthen Thy Church to abide as a city Set on a hill for a light to Thy fold!

Head of the Church on Earth, risen, ascended! Thine is the honour that dwells in this place: As Thou hast blessed us through years that have ended, Still lift upon us the light of Thy face!

During the rest of the year 2000 and the years beyond — under the Southern Cross of Christ in God's starry sky and subject to His Common Law — Australia shall yet be led to a more consistent trinitarian-triune faith as regards all matters of conduct. Even in political government, may her faith yet more and more become that professed long ago by Isaiah (33:22) — "The Lord is our Judge; the Lord is our Lawgiver; the Lord is our King. He will save us!"

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