The Biblical Theory of Christian Education

Worse still.   Also the non-coercive Christian Community has degenerated.  And in a highly degenerated Non-Christian society, where covenant children are forced to attend the State Schools and to associate with the children of unbelievers and to be taught by the Non-Christian teachers employed by an indifferent State which knows nothing at all about the true goal of education — the situation becomes very serious indeed. Ultimately, there then comes a time, as in Daniel chapter one, where the curriculum of such State Schools is no longer helpful to the covenanted People of God.

Even though even such a Non-Christian State is still God’s Minister, it does not realize this and it does not value the Word of God.   So true education cannot possibly come into its own in such a situation.

The very position of such a State-controlled School, is then an infringement of the rights of the Christian Parents and the Christian Church and the Christian Community — all of which to that extent cannot live out their baptismal vows (which the parents undertook and which the Church of Christ and the Christian Community undertook) to raise that baptized child in the fear and admonition of the Lord.   And so the State School in that situation, is nothing less than a dire threat to theproper function of God’s covenant of grace.

So then, whereas the State does have a subsidiary role in Christian Education, the real role of the teacher of such education should be played not by the State but by the Christian School and by the Christian Community and/ or the Christian Church.   All of them are to do the bidding of and to act as the agent of the Christian Parent under the Triune God of Christianity Who is the Supreme Educator.   For, in the words of the Prophet Isaiah to God’s covenant people:(55)  “All your children shall be taught by the Lord.”

5.  Now that we have established who should do the teaching — we can finally refer to the methods of Christian Education.

What then are the methods which we should follow in Christian Education?    Now this little word “method” is derived from the combination of two Greek words, meta (elided to meth’) and hodos, a road.   These two words, when taken together as  meth’-hodos, mean “with the road” — or perhaps “on the road,” to put it into better English.

So when you have a good method, you are “on the road.”   Then you know what you are going from, and you know what you are going toward.   Then you know whose child and what kind of a child you are dealing with in education.   Then you know what you are trying to do with the child – not primarily to try to make him a faithful citizen of the State,

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but primarily to build him up as a citizen of the Kingdom of God (which does not, of course, ever exclude his being trained unto loyal national citizenship).

That then, is what a “method” is.   The Christian educational method implies that the “road” taken by Christian Education leads from a fixed point of departure.   That latter is the Christian child, by virtue of his covenantal birthright, throughout his earthly life towards a fixed goal (viz., the heavenly Jerusalem).   Then, indeed, not even all the devils of hell are going to stop that child from getting there.

We have seen above that the earthly point of departure in Christian Education is the child of Christian Parents, and the earthly goal of Christian Education is to perfect and to thoroughly furnish the man of God unto the good works of subjecting the earth and all its fullness to the glory of God.   It necessarily follows that the only educational methods which are Christian, are those methods which attempt to map out the road to be taken by a Christian child on his way through maturity to the goal of doing everything to the glory of the Lord God of the covenant.  So we do and must have specifically Christian educational methods.

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