The Biblical Theory of Christian Education

It may have been borrowed from the Israelitic Prophetic Schools.   After all, they antedated the Greek Schools by some five hundred years.   Or perhaps both Greek and Hebrew Schools went back to a common Pre-Israelitic root — a covenantal School since the times of Seth and Noah.

Be that as it may.   Schools are very ancient institutions.   They are widespreadly found in all kinds of societies, ranging from the Puberty School of savage society to the Public School of the modern State.   And any resemblance between these two institutions, is hardly coincidental!

The important point, however, is that the School is not a creation ordinance — as is marriage and the family.  The point is, that the School’s officials must pay due regard to the teachings of the Christian Community (which is more ancient than the School) — and even more particularly to the even more ancient and fundamental Covenantal Family.

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So, although we grant that over against the Family and over against the Community (and the State and the Church), the School does possess a relative sphere-sovereignty in matters of practical administration — the Christian School is nevertheless at all times dependent for its educational philosophy and curriculum upon the wishes and the fiat and the world outlook of the Christian Community and especially of the Christian Family. For, in the last analysis, the School remains the agent of the Christian Family and of the Christian Community, who employ the School to teach ther Christian children a Christian world view according to the wishes of the Christian Parents and the Christian Community — and not according to the wishes of a power opposed to the Christian viewpoint of the Christian Parents and the Christian Community, such as an apostate Christ-denying State. It is not for either a supposedly-neutral or an Antichristian State to dictate policy in the Christian School.   It is for the Christian \parents and the Christian Community to dictate the policy of the Christian School.

All socialistic and communistic systems of totalitarian State control of Christian Schools — are unbiblical.   The most effective way to resist this, is to establish Christian Schools and Christian Parent Teacher Associations to liaise with them.

The present State Schools in most lands of the world, in spite of their erudition and financial resources, are  fundamentally incapable of providing a truly Christian Education for Christian children — because they differ from the Christian Community even on the most fundamental matters.  They do not agree with the Christian Community as to what education is, or as to who the Christian community is trying to educate.   For such State Schools do not recognize that Christian children are essentially different from the Heathen, the Jewish, the Mohammedan or the Atheistic children of the rest of the nation concerned.

Now all this brings us to consider the State as a teacher of Christian Education. Principially, the State as a law-enforcing body was instituted by God only after the Flood, when God delegated to man the divine right of punitive vengeance with the words: “Surely, your blood of your lives will I require; at the hand of every beast will I require it, and at the hand of man.   At the hand of every man’s brother, I will require the life of man.  Whosoever sheds man’s blood, by man (by the State as the God-ordained organized agent of man) shall man’s blood be shed.   For it is as His image that God made man.”(53)

From this text, it is perfectly clear that the State’s essential calling is to protect man against wild beasts and human murderers — and to use force to attain this end.  The State is God’s Minister, empowered to raise tributes and dues and rates and taxes (54) for the purpose of preserving law and order.

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