The Antichrist in Scripture – The Popes According to Luther and Calvin

So, even by 1402, Huss was regarded as the chief exponent and defender of Wycliffe in Bohemia.   By 1405 (cf. Daniel 12:12), the Romish Synod of Prague forbade the propagation of Wycliffe’s views.10  

Indeed, by 1415, Huss was formally charged with the sin of preaching Wycliffite doctrines. Huss replied: "Wycliffe was a true believer.   His soul is now in Heaven!"11

Found guilty, Huss was sentenced to be burned to death by Rome’s ‘Holy Council.’   It pronounced "John Huss to have been and to be a true, real and open heretic — the disciple…of John Wycliffe!"12 

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In his own language, the Bohemian name ‘Huss’ means ‘goose.’   When he was imprisoned at Constance in 1414 — six months before he was burned at the stake — Huss recorded something very significant.   He wrote that his persecuting papal enemies had "sent many ‘falcons’ and ‘eagles’…to Prague, for the sake of a weak and infirm ‘goose.’" 13   Cf. Revelation 18:2-4f.

Indeed, continued Huss, those Romish birds of prey "fly about and seize other ‘birds’" too. Such included his fellow Proto-Protestant Wycliffite Reformers in Bohemia (like Jerome of Prague).14

Huss ‘the goose’ had accurately predicted: "They will roast a ‘goose’ now; but, after a hundred years, they will hear a ‘swan’ sing!"15   The next year, Huss’s colleague Jerome of

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Prague too was burned — in 1416.   Then, precisely as predicted by Huss, a century later the ‘swan’ started singing.   Martin Luther launched the Protestant Reformation! 

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For in 1517, Luther nailed his Ninety-five Theses on the doors of Wittenberg Cathedral. Already by January 1518, the Romish controversialist Eck — in his Obelisks — had branded Luther as a follower of the Bohemian ‘heretic’ John Huss.   Luther soon remarked about Eck: "He vilifies me as a ‘heretic’ and a Bohemian!"16

In December 1518, Luther wrote to his friend Link: "At the Roman Court, the true Antichrist rules of whom St. Paul speaks!"   Then, in March 1519, Luther wrote to Spalatin:17 "The Pope be Antichrist himself, or his Apostle…..   Cruelly is Christ (Who is the Truth) corrupted and crucified by him, in his decretals….   The people of Christ are thus mocked, under the pretence of the Laws and Name of Christ!"

The same year, 1519, Eck and Luther were debating one another.   Yet later, Luther referred back to that famous Leipzig Debate.   There Luther wrote that the Romanist "Eck stamped about with much ado…, holding up the Bohemians before me — and publicly accusing me of the heresy of, and support for, the Bohemian ‘heretics.’"   However, "John Huss and Jerome of Prague were good Christians" and no way heretics — insisted Luther.   Indeed, they "were burned by heretics and apostates and Antichristians –namely the Papists!"18

Luther’s opponent Eck quickly re-acted.   "Martin," he exploded, "many of the things which you adduce — are heresies of…Wycliffe and Huss!"19

But Luther’s opinions were not, as Eck falsely alleged, ‘heresies.’   However, they certainly were the views "of…Wycliffe and Huss" — as Eck rightly claimed.   Indeed, Luther himself wrote20 to Spalatin in February 1520: "Paul and Augustine are in reality Hussites!" 

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Also in 1520, Luther recorded three great treatises.   The first was his fiery epistle To the Christian Nobility of the German Nation.   There, he wrote:21 "Paul says in Second Thessalonians two [verses 9f] that Antichrist shall, through the power of Satan, be mighty in lying wonders…. Whatever does aught against Christ, is the power of Antichrist and of the devil — even though it were to rain and hail wonders."

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