The Antichrist in Scripture – The Popes According to Luther and Calvin

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Around 600 A.D., the papal Austin alias Augustine of Italy brought Romanism to pagan Anglo-Saxon England.   Yet he was rejected by the Proto-Protestant Britons (alias the Irish, Scottish and Welsh ‘Culdees’).   Till the A.D. 664 Synod of Whitby, even the English received Christianity more from the Culdees than from Rome.

Yet — after A.D. 666 — England increasingly turned to Romanism.   In his famous 1578 History of England, the great chronicler Raphael Holinshed wrote: "Augustine came, who brought in Popery.   This increased and continued — till Wycliffe, with more boldness than any other, began to preach the Gospel in the year 1361."4

Held Wycliffe himself: "Other writings can have worth or authority, only so far as their sentiment is derived from the Scriptures….   Neither the testimony of Augustine [of Africa] nor Jerome [of Bethlehem] nor any other saint should be accepted — except in so far as it was based upon Scripture….   Every truth…should be deduced from the Scriptures….   Then the Scriptures would be held in reverence, and the papal bulls superseded — as they ought to be!"5

Wycliffe continued: "The Pope would seem to be not the Vicar of Christ, but the Vicar of Antichrist….   The Pope of Rome…is very Antichrist….   The Pope is not Christ’s Vicar, but rather Antichrist himself….   The Pope could not more openly tell — that he is Antichrist….   The Bishop of Rome…be Antichrist, full of simony and heresy….   Things that Popes do, teach that they are Antichrists….   The Roman Pontiff is the Great Antichrist….   After this Great Antichrist, come the lesser Antichrists.

"Almighty God in Trinity!   Destroy those nests of Antichrist and his clerics, and strengthen all kinds of men to maintain the truth of Holy Writ!"   For "the devil castest, by Antichrist and his worldly false-clerics, to destroy Holy Writ!"6                                                                                   *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Now the Romish "heretics," explained Wycliffe, "cannot state at what instant ‘transubstantiation’…really takes place.   Thus, then, is their…doctrine annihilated — a doctrine contemptible and erroneous….   The substance of material bread and wine doth remain in the Sacrament of the altar, after consecration."  

The fact is, also insects rightly deny transubstantiation!   For even "maggots breed in the host" alias the communion bread.   By sometimes eating it, maggots show that accidentally left- over communion bread — still remains bread.7

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"The venerable Sacrament, is naturally bread and wine….   Our Apostle…, who takes his meaning from our Lord, calls this Sacrament ‘the bread which we break’ — as is manifest in First Corinthians 10; and ‘as oft’ again in the following chapter….   Christ, Who is the first Truth, saith according to the testimonies of the four evangelists that this bread is His body.   What heretic ought not to blush, then, to deny that it is bread?

"We are thus pressed — either to destroy the verity of Scripture, or to go along with the senses and the judgment of mankind and admit that it is bread.   Mice and other creatures are aware of this fact….   They have the power of ‘discerning’ what is good for them to eat [cf. First Corinthians 11:29]….   This heresy [of transubstantiation] would overturn the evidence….   The ‘sacrament’ which does that, must be a ‘sacrament’ of Antichrist….   What idolatry could be more odious?…   It is heresy for to believe that this ‘sacrament’ is God’s ‘body’ — and no bread!" 8 

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Now the English King Richard II was married to the Wycliffite Queen Anne, the sister of the Bohemian King Wenceslaus.   When she died, her friends took Wycliffe’s writings with them back to the Bohemia of ‘Good King Wenceslaus’ — and then even into Germany.   So too did Huss’s friend Jerome of Prague, who became a Wycliffite at Oxford University — before returning to his native Bohemia.9

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