Rev. Dr. Andrew Murray – Calvinist, or Pentecostalist?

Comments Dr. Murray: "It is impossible to conceive of God bestowing any higher gift on His child than this: His Own Spirit.   God is what He is, through His Spirit; the Spirit is the very life of God  …  Our Father in heaven desires to educate us as His children….  And for this, [He] gives us, from the depths of His heart, His Own Spirit.  

"It was this which was the whole aim of Jesus when, after having made atonement with His Own blood, He entered for us into God's presence, [so] that He might obtain for us, and send down to dwell in us, the Holy Spirit….   If there is one prayer that should draw us to the Father’s throne and keep us there, it is this: for the Holy Spirit, Whom we as children have received, to [keep on] stream[ing] into us, and out from us, in greater fullness….   To be able really to live as a child of God — the child of God needs to be [= to keep on being] filled with this Spirit…. We must be filled abundantly!

"He would have us ask this — in the assurance that…when we ask, we do most certainly receive…. As we pray to be filled with the Spirit, let us not seek for the answer in our feelings! … All spiritual blessings must be received — that is, accepted or taken — in faith.   Let me believe that the Father gives the Holy Spirit to His praying child!   Even now, while I pray, I must say in faith: I have what I ask; the fullness of the Spirit is mine.

"Let us continue steadfast in this faith!   Let us, with thanksgiving…, continue steadfast in believing prayer, [so] that the blessing which has already been given us and which we hold in faith,

– 6 –

may break through and fill our whole being!   It is in such believing thanksgiving and prayer, that our soul opens up for the Spirit to take entire and undisturbed possession….   If there is one thing on earth we can be sure of, it is this — that the Father desires to have us filled with His Spirit; that He delights to keep on giving us His Spirit."

The Holy Spirit, held Murray, keeps on censuring sin in the believer.   In his book The New Life[6] — translated into English and highly recommended by the famous Presbyterian Rev. J.P. Lilley of Arbroath in Scotland — Rev. Dr. Murray explains:

"Beloved brother!   The Holy Spirit is in you as the light and fire of God, to unveil and to consume sin.   The temple of God is holy — and you are this temple.   Let the Holy Spirit in you have full mastery to point out and expel sin!  … The Spirit Who rebukes, shall also comfort….  

"In the Holy Spirit — the living almighty and ever-present Jesus shall be your portion….   As the Spirit of sanctification, He will drive out sin — in order that He may cause Jesus to dwell in you."

"Christian, take time to understand, and to become filled with this truth: 'the Holy Spirit is in you!' Review all the assurances of God's Word that this is so!   Think not of living as a Christian for a moment — without the indwelling of the Spirit!   Take pains to have your heart filled with the faith that the Spirit dwells in you, and will do His mighty work!   For through faith, the Spirit comes and works (Gal. 3:2,5,15; 5:5)."

"Have a great reverence for the work of the Spirit in you!   Seek Him every day — to believe, to obey, to trust — and He will take and make known to you all that there is in Jesus! …

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