Rev. Dr. Andrew Murray – Calvinist, or Pentecostalist?

There must be an entire and absolute surrender of the Christian to his Lord.   In his book The Prayer Life[4], Rev. Dr. Murray clearly writes: "We must not be satisfied with a feeble life, but we must seek for an 'abundant life.'   

"We must surrender ourselves entirely, [so] that the Spirit may take full possession of us — so manifesting that Life in us, that there may come an entire transformation in our spiritual being, by which the complete mastery of Christ and the Spirit is recognized….   The 'abundant life' is nothing less than the full Jesus having the full mastery over our entire being, through the power of the Holy Spirit….

"The Holy Spirit should take full possession of you….   This is just the end for which He has been given, and this He will surely accomplish in all who yield themselves to Him…. We cannot possibly be satisfied with anything less than — each day, each hour, each moment, in Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit — to walk with God."   Cf. Gal. 5:16-25.

Murray was quick to point out[5] that this 'Unconditional and Absolute Surrender' of the saved sinner in sanctification, is to be made to the Triune God of one's baptism.  "God is an ever-flowing fountain of pure love and blessedness.   Christ is the reservoir wherein the fullness of God was made visible as grace, and has been opened for us.  

"The Holy Spirit is the stream of living water that flows from under the throne of God and the Lamb.   The redeemed, God's believing children, are the channels through which the love of the Father, the grace of Christ, and the powerful operation of the Spirit — are brought to the Earth, there to be imparted to others.

"What an impression we gain here of the wonderful partnership into which God takes us up, as dispensers of the grace of God!   Prayer, when we chiefly pray for ourselves, is but the beginning of the life of prayer.  The glory of prayer, is that we have power as intercessors to bring the grace of Christ, and the energizing power of the Spirit, upon those souls who are still in darkness."

"The more surely the channel is connected with the reservoir –the more certainly will the water

– 5 –

flow unhindered through it.   The more we are occupied in prayer with the fullness of Christ, and with the Spirit Who proceeds from Him, and the more firmly we abide in fellowship with Him -the more surely will our lives be happy and strong.   This, however, is still only a preparation for the reality.  The more we give ourselves up to fellowship, and converse with the Triune God -the sooner shall we receive the courage and ability to pray down blessing on souls, on Ministers, and on the Church around us.

"Are you truly a channel which is always open, so that the water may flow through you to the thirsty ones in the dry land?   Have you offered yourself unreservedly to God, to become a bearer of the energizing operations of the Holy Spirit? … Oh, meditate on this — God, an ever-flowing fountain of love and blessing; and I, His child, a living channel through which every day the Spirit and life can be brought!"

Now the Father keeps on giving His Spirit to His adopted children.   Christians, believed Murray, are commanded to pray each day:"Our Father! … Keep on giving us, day by day, our daily bread!" And Jesus Himself commands Christians: "Keep on asking — and it shall keep on being given to you….   If a son shall keep on asking for bread from any of you that is a father — will that father keep on giving him a stone?   If you, then, who are evil, know how to keep on giving good gifts to your children [who keep on asking you for them] — how much more shall the heavenly Father [Who is good!] keep on giving the Holy Spirit to them that keep on asking Him [to keep on giving them His Holy Spirit]!"   Luke 11:2-13.

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