Rev. Dr. Andrew Murray – Calvinist, or Pentecostalist?

Jesus also spoke to the multitudes at the Feast of Tabernacles — before and about those same later events of Pentecost Sunday.   Said Christ: "If any man keeps on getting thirsty, let him keep on coming to Me — and keep on drinking [from Me]!   He who keeps on believing in Me — as the Scripture has said — rivers of living water shall keep on gushing forth from within him."

First, these rivers would gush forth initially from the ascended Christ.  Thereafter, they would gush forth also from the Spirit-filled Christ-ian who — since Pentecost Sunday — would keep on being filled with the Spirit.   For "this — Jesus said about the Holy Spirit Whom those that trusted in Him would receive [after His resurrection, ascension, and heavenly session].   For the Holy Spirit had not yet been given; because Jesus had not yet been glorified." John 7:2,37-39.

Said Murray[3]: “The fire of the Spirit can melt even gold….  The Church founded at Pentecost gave joyfully of its gold and its possessions to the cause of the Lord [Acts 2:38-45 cf. 4:31-33]. Let what is called the higher spiritual life (I prefer calling it 'the life of faith') — let this life of the Holy Spirit but become a powerful force in the Church — and through the illumination of the Scriptures, more light will be shed on the consecration of all that we possess to God's service."

"We wish to thank Him that, proportionately to the measure of spiritual life which we enjoy, there is true and great liberality.   We wish to thank Him for the glorious indications He has granted us, that He is about to lead His children in this country to a glad and powerful life of faith such as the most of us have never yet experienced.   And we wish gratefully to cherish the hope that in this life of faith, there will be revealed such a power that the upright will be enabled to perform all that the Father makes known by His Word and Spirit as His divine will."

In a sermon[3] on Isaiah 61:6, Dr. Andrew Murray declared: "(1) I believe in the holy priesthood of God's people, and that I too am a priest with authority to approach Him as intercessor and to obtain by prevailing prayer a blessing for those who are perishing around me.   (2) I believe in the

– 4 –

power of the precious blood to remove everything by which my confidence is impaired, and to cause me to draw near in full assurance of faith that my prayer is accepted.   (3) I believe in the unction of that Spirit Who daily streams forth to me from my High Priest to sanctify me, to fill me with the sense of my priestly calling and with love for souls, to teach me what I ought to pray, and to strengthen me in persevering and believing prayer.   (4) I believe that, as the Lord Jesus Himself is my life, so He will be surety for my prayer-life, and will unite me to Himself as sharer in His holy work of intercession.   (5) In this faith, I dedicate myself anew to God, in order to approach Him as one of His anointed priests to lay before Him in prayer the deep need of the world, and in His Name to call down blessings upon it.  Hereunto, may God help me!  'Unto Him Who loved us, and washed us from our sins in His own blood, and hath made us kings and priests unto God and His father; to Him be glory and dominion for ever and ever.   Amen!'"   Rev. 1:5-6.

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