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761.  The Holy Spirit and Peter in the Synoptic Gospels

The Synoptic Gospels are Matthew, Mark and Luke.   All of them were written probably in the sixties of the first century A.D., and contain much overlapping material.  

The Gospel of the Apostle Matthew seems to have been recorded first — and that of the ‘Petrine’ Mark, second.   These two "Hebraic" Gospels seem to have been inscripturated before that of the ‘Pauline’ Luke, and to have been right in front of Luke when that Gentile-Christian a little later wrote his Gospel (probably incorporating material into it also from the Gospels of both Matthew and Mark).3257  

The Gospel-writer John Mark (circa A.D. 60?) seems to have been the Secretary of the Apostle Peter.3258   In a real sense, the Gospel of Mark could thus be called the Gospel of Peter. From that perspective, there are thus some four ‘Petrine ‘writings — Mark’s Gospel; the ‘Petrine’ Acts 1 to 15; First Peter; and Second Peter.    Cf. First Peter 5:13 and Second Peter 3:1. 

In their writings, all of which seem to have been inscripturated during the sixties of the first century A.D., both Peter and Mark (just like Matthew) eye-witnessed the practices and teachings of Jesus.   The Apostle Peter’s Secretary Mark’s Gospel too is full of the Holy Ghost.   For the Spirit inspired Mark — through Peter? — accurately to record deeds of the Spirit-filled Jesus. 

Together with the above writings, we could well include Jude’s Epistle too.   Though apparently not Himself an Apostle,3259 Jude does call himself "the servant of Jesus Christ and brother of James" the half-brother of Jesus3260 — and was himself probably also a Spirit-filled half-brother of the Spirit-filled Jesus Christ.3261  

In addition, there are among the New Testament Books also the Non-Synoptic Writings of the inspired Apostle John.   Viz.: his Gospel; his three Epistles; and his Book of Revelation.

– 1213 –

Now in the Synoptic Gospel of the Apostle  Matthew, the Newer Testament is anchored in the Spirit-recorded genealogy of the Messiah (during the times of the Older Testament).3262 Then Matthew’s account goes on to say3263 that Mary "was found [pregnant] with child from the Holy Ghost."   Yet the angel of the Lord assured her espoused Joseph, that "what had been conceived in her is from the Holy Ghost." 

When Jesus was about thirty, He entered upon His highpriestly work by being baptized for us.   Then, John the Baptizer predicted Christ would Himself later baptize with the Holy Ghost and with fire — and John himself saw the Spirit descending from Heaven to abide upon Jesus.3264

Then the Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness.3265   Later, He called twelve of His trained adult male Disciples to become Apostles – including Peter — sending them forth, and assuring them that when they would speak, as such it would not be their own words but the Spirit of their Father Who would speak in them.3266  

Matthew also insists Jesus Himself fulfilled Isaiah’s written prediction that God would put His Spirit upon Him — and Jesus Himself claimed to cast out demons "by the Spirit of God."3267 Christ’s enemies then objected.   But Jesus the Spirit-anointed Christ then warned that he who blasphemes against the Holy Ghost, shall never be forgiven.3268 

First, however, Jesus would need:  to die; to be resurrected; and to ascend into Heaven — in order to become installed as the Son of man upon the throne of the Universe.   Hence He told His enemies that "David himself said, by the Holy Ghost, ‘The Lord [Jehovah Triune] said to my Lord [David’s future Saviour]: “You keep on sitting [and ruling] at My right hand, until I make your enemies [into] your footstool!"’"3269 

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