Pentecostalism: New Outpouring or Ancient Heresy? – The Pagan Worship of Baal and Dionysus and Modern Pentecostalism


I first became acquainted with Dr. Francis Nigel Lee in Memphis, Tennessee — when he was the Resident Scholar of Christian Studies Center.   That was in 1974.  

I can truthfully say that Dr. Lee has been one of two men that God has used most mightily in my Christian life.   He has probably had a greater influence in my life than even my father had. I certainly admire him as much.

Dr. Lee was born in England but moved to South Africa early in his life and came to know the Savior while working in a gold mine in that country.   He studied law in South Africa and was admitted to the bar to practice before the Supreme Court of that country.   He continued his education in philosophy and theology and holds doctorates in both disciplines.

His dissertation on Communist Eschatology, published…by Craig Press, runs a massive 1177 pages and has about 5400 footnotes.   Doctor Lee does not simply make ‘papal pronouncements.’   He thoroughly studies an issue before writing, and a reader can count on him to bring to bear just about every source there is on a subject.   This booklet is no exception, as its…footnotes attest.

In addition to being a scholar, however, Dr. Lee is also a Pastor.   He has pastored in both South Africa and the United States and is currently training young men for the ministry in Australia at Queensland Presbyterian Theological Hall.   He is an expositor, counsellor, trainer, theologian, philosopher, attorney, father, husband, pastor, teacher, academic, world-traveller, political scientist and a very good friend.   The only reason he is not a general in the army of the Confederate States of America is that he was born about 100 years too late….

The subject matter of this booklet is one of timely concern for the entire Church of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.   Next to Antinomianism, it may be that the twentieth century will be most remembered for the Pentecostal Movement.   From the Azusa Street "revival" in 1906 to this very day, possibly no other subject has received as much attention from God’s people.

In the early days of the Pentecostal movement, it was in a side road off a back street. There were tent-meetings and even churches where people "spoke with other tongues" and supposed healings took place.   But it did not receive much attention from the mainline Protestant denominations.

All that has changed now!   Episcopalians, Roman Catholics, Baptists and even Presbyterians are now claiming to have received "the baptism of the Holy Spirit."   One author has even written a book claiming that now the mainline denominations should be working to "put the fire back in the fireplace."

Presbyterian Reformed Renewal [sic!] held a convention at the Dallas Convention Center in 1985, and literally thousands of people took part in a call for all Presbyterians of whatever theological persuasion to receive the "baptism" and to take the "manifestations of the Spirit" back

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to their own denominations and presbyteries.   The Presbyterian Church (USA) has precious few evangelicals in it, but most of them are actively seeking out these "gifts."   The Presbyterian Church in America, an Evangelical (and supposedly Reformed) denomination, has allowed some of its largest churches to become infested with the fruits of this movement.

I was converted as an adult in the Armed Service in 1967.   Almost immediately (the time could literally be counted in hours), I was approached by Pentecostalists who encouraged me to receive this "baptism of the Holy Spirit."  

At that time, I hardly even knew that there was an Older and Newer Testament in the Bible.   And these folks had some awfully persuasive (at least to a new convert) arguments.  

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