Man’s Origin and Destiny


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This writing is an update of my 1974 book The Origin and Destiny of Man.   These were lectures originally written for delivery at the (N.C.) Warren Wilson College, for the Christian Studies Center of Memphis (Tenn.).   The latter’s Chairman, Robert M. Metcalf Jr., later arranged for Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co. in Nutley (N.J.) to publish the lectures in book form (copyrighted for the Christian Studies Center).   Later, the Christian Studies Center handed over its manuscripts and rights to American Vision in Atlanta (Ga.).  

Mr. Robert Betts in the U.K. wrote to the author in Australia on March 16th 2001, after locating a copy of the book in a Christian library in Surrey.   Robert requested permission to make a paper and an electronic copy for his own study purposes — and so I asked him first to secure the permission of American Vision.  

Gary DeMar, Executive Director of American Vision, graciously informed Mr. Betts on March 20th 2001: “You are free to make a copy of the book.   By now, the copyright has returned to the author.”

As the author, I then told Mr. Betts to go ahead, and he kindly sent me an electronic copy so that I could then update and republish the book myself.   In doing so, apart from simplifying the style throughout,  the only refinements of any importance are: expansions to the doctrine of creation; trinitarianization of the section on anthropology; fine-tuning of the section on hamartiology, and elaboration of the section on eschatology.

In his Foreword to the first (1974) edition, CSC Chairman Robert M. Metcalf wrote: “The first words of the first lecture of the first seminars held by Christian Studies Center, were those that begin Chapter I of this volume….   Nigel Lee can give us the definitive study of man…. Profound in the truth but a sheer delight for the reader — such is this treatment.”

The book was favourably reviewed.   On March 5th 1975, the Rev. Michael Schneider wrote in the Presbyterian Journal: “Age-old questions are handled in a fresh and arresting way by Dr. Nigel Lee, Scholar-in-Residence for the new Christian Studies Center of Memphis, Tenn….. Lee describes his own pilgrimage from evolutionist to creationist….   Taking the traditional Reformed view of man…, the author emphasizes his Scriptural unity and explores the meaning of the ‘image of God’ in man.  We are also shown the radically evil nature of man — how it began with a space-time fall, how rebellion spread to all Adam’s posterity, and its resulting deadly consequences.   Man’s hope is in the Messiah promised in the protevangelium of Genesis 3:15.   Throughout, Lee sees man as a prophet, priest and king, reflecting God’s likeness.   He calls for a world and life view based on the dominion charter of Genesis 1:28 and further developed throughout Scripture….   Any pastor or teacher preparing material on Genesis or on the doctrine of man will find Bible study and theology richly illustrated from Dr. Lee’s wide background reading.   A very helpful book.”

Reviewing the book in The Standard Bearer, Prof. H. Hanko of the Protestant Reformed Churches in the U.S.A. wrote: “This is an interesting book.   Especially the first three chapters…have a great deal of excellent and interesting material in them.   The author tells of

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how he was converted from evolutionism to creationism, and explains the creation of man in terms of the historic creationistic position….   He has a lot of interesting material from the viewpoint of a Christian psychology in his second chapter, and he describes in some detail the fall into sin in the third….   In the last two chapters…he speaks in glowing terms of man’s future and is optimistic about the position which the people of God shall occupy in the future age.   His is not the liberal postmillennialism of the social gospel; it is rather the more fundamentalistic postmillennialism….   To learn what this type of post-millennialism is like, makes this book worthwhile.”

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