King Alfred the Great and Our Common Law

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by the humane judicial punishment according to (regenerate) Trinitarian Law not of those who are private but rather of those who are public worshippers of false gods.

33."You must not vex strangers and those who come from afar — for you were strangers, long ago, in the land of the Egyptians!" See: Exodus 22:21. Note: not the unitarian mediaeval Jews but the trinitarian Anglo-Britons are here regarded as the legal continuation of the Ancient Israelites.

34."You must not scathe widows and step-children, nor harm them anywhere! However, if you do otherwise — they cry out to Me, and I hear them; and then I slay you with My sword. Thus I make your wives to be widows, and your bairns to be stepchildren!" See: Exodus 22:22-24.

35."If you give money as a loan to your comrade who wants to dwell with you — do not pressure him as one in need; and do not oppress him with interest!" See: Exodus 22:25.

36."If a man has nothing but a single garment with which to cover himself or to wear, and he gives it as a pledge — before the sun sets, give it back to him! If you do not do so — he calls out to Me; and I hear him. For I am very mild-hearted." See: Exodus 22:26-27.

37."You may not revile your Lord; nor curse the overlord of the people!" See: Exodus 22:28.

38."Your tithe-monies and your first-fruits of things that go, and things that grow — you must give to God!" See: Exodus 22:29-30.

39."You may not eat at all of that meat which wild animals leave! Give it to the hounds!" See: Exodus 22:31.

40."Do not listen to the words of a liar; nor permit his judgments; nor speak to anyone who gives testimony in his favour!" See: Exodus 23:1f.

41."Do not, beyond your right reason, wend yourself to people who are unwise and unrighteous in their wishes, when they speak and cry out — nor to the learning of the most unwise! Do not permit them!" See: Exodus 23:2f.

42."If another man's stray cattle come into your power — though it be your foe — make it known to him!" See: Exodus 22:4f.

43."You must judge very evenly; do not give one judgment to the wealthy, [but] another to the poor! Nor give one judgment to the more beloved — and another to the more disliked!" See: Exodus 23:6.

44."Always shun lies [alias ‘Shun thou aye leasings’]!"

45."You must never slay a righteous [alias ‘sooth-fast’] and unguilty man!"


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46."You must never accept bribes [alias ‘meed-monies’]! For they all too often blinden wise men's thoughts and turn their words aside." See: Exodus 23:7-8.

47."Do not act in any way uncouthly toward the stranger from abroad [alias ‘out-comer’]; nor oppress him with any unrighteousness [alias ‘uncouthly’]!"

48."Never swear by heathen gods; nor may you call out to them, in any way!" Ex. 23:9. As former Harvard Law Professor Harold J. Berman has remarked,24 Alfred's laws are largely a recapitulation of earlier collections made by previous monarchs. Thus Alfred's laws contain such striking provisions as: "Doom very evenly! Do not doom one doom to the rich; another to the poor! Nor doom one doom to your friend; another to your foe!"

These Alfredian provisions do, in fact, reflect the judicial laws of Moses. For: "You shall do no injustice in judgment! You shall not be partial to the poor; nor defer to the great! But you are to judge you neighbour fairly!" Leviticus 19:15. "The stranger [cf. the Brythonic Welshman and even the Anglo-Dane] that dwells with you [viz. with Alfred’s Englishmen], shall be to you as one born among you; and you shall love him as yourself!" Leviticus 19:35.

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