John’s Revelation Unveiled – Part 2

The Beast is wounded to Death and the Church acquires the Victory 


                                                                                                                                                                                     that I am able to do almost everything which God can do. What else can you therefore regard me as, than as God? [Cf. II Th. 2:4]…. I am Caesar! I am Emperor! … Both swords [of Luke 22:39], the spiritual and the temporal, are in the power of the Church.” Cf. Neser’s op. cit. p. 160 & Mauro’s op. cit. p. 416. See too: McCabe’s History of the Popes I & II (Douglas, Auckland, n.d.); Lehman’s Behind the Dictators (Douglas, Auckland, n.d.); E.G. White’s The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan; P. Blanshard’s Democracy and Catholic Power; and Arbenez’s Roman Catholicism and Religious Liberty. 613 Rev. 13:16 to 14:1,9; 7:1-4; 9:5; 15:2; 22:4; cf. Mt. 28:19 & Mk. 16:15f. Rev. 13:16 has hina doosin autois in the Greek, meaning “they give themselves” (a mark). This shows that the slaves of the Beast enter into their enslavement voluntarily and wittingly, rather than by duress. Cf. Rev. 13:8,16! It is perhaps significant that the ‘Hebrew-Roman’ names Romith (thus Luther) and Qeysar Rom (thus Ewald) and the Latin names Caesar Nero (thus Reuss) and Lateinos (see Bousset’s op. cit. p. 430 n. 3) and the ‘PapalRoman’ name Vicarius Filii Dei (see in Neser’s op. cit. p. 171)  when given the Hebrew or Latin numerical signification to each letter in either of those languages  all add up to 666 (cf. Rev. 13:11,16-18). The Latin numeral letters for ‘666’  namely ‘DCLXVI’  are in their turn said to point to the Pope of Rome. And some (such as Helwig and Uriah Smith) have demonstrated that the numeral letters in one of the papal tiles (‘VICARIUS FILII DEI’) add up to 666 [V=5 + I=1 + C=100 + I=1 + U(V)=5 + I=1 + L=50 + I=1 + I=1 + D=500 + I=1, totalling 666]. The Beast’s mark “on their foreheads” cannot, however  as the Antipaedobaptist B.H. Carroll ridiculously imagines  be ‘Infant Baptism’ (which he wrongly insists derives from Romanism). For all Biblical Baptisms should be administered on the forehead, as a token even of our intellectual submission to and servitude of Christ as the Central Person of the Triune God. Compare Mt. 3:16f & 28:19 and Acts 2:38f and Rev. 7:2-4f & 14:1 (against Rev. 13:16-18!) & 22:3-5. After all, even what Baptists (and Catabaptists) wrongly call ‘Romish Baptism’ is still administered in the Name of the Triune God  and not in the name of the Papacy! Thus Calvin not only repudiated the Unitarian submersionisms of Servetus, but also wrote to the Unitarian Socinus in defence of the validity of his own Romishly-administered Triune Baptism when he was but an infant. Explained Calvin: “It matters not to me whether he who performs the Baptism is a diabolical man or even the Devil!” For even Satan would then be baptizing not in his own perfidious name, but only in the fully trustworthy and valid name of God the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. See Corpus Reformatorum XIII pp. 308 & 486 and Calvin’s Inst. IV:2:11 & IV:15:16f. On the mark of the beast on the forehead “it was customary among the ancient for servants to receive the mark of their master…on their right hand or on their forehead.” Thus Bishop Thomas Newton’s Dissertations on the Prophecies [1754], Wm. Butler, Northampton Mass., 1976 rep. II:296. And especially “among the Romans, slaves were stigmatized with the master’s name or mark on their foreheads.” Thus Albert Barnes’s op. cit. on Rev. 13:16f. Obviously, the mark there evidences ungodly politico-religio-economic subjugation by the marker of the one marked, cf. Dan. 3:1-6,14-20. The number 666 denotes imperfection and human inability to attain to the perfect and divine number seven (or to attain even to the blessed sabbath number of seven hundred and seventy-seven). Cf. Gen. 5:28-32, esp. v. 31. As such, ‘666’ represents a trinity of evil (cf. Rev .13:18 with 16:13), and embraces the sum-total of all godless human achievement  the synthesis of false and pagan politics to try to save the World by man’s efforts (as in Islam, Romanism, and Modern Humanism such as in the World Council of Churches and the United Nations Organization). It rejects the God-ordained separation between Church and State and their need to be subjugated, under God, to His Law. Cf. Mauro’s Man’s Day (1908), and also his book The Number of Man (1910)  both published in London by Marshall, Morgan & Scott. Indeed, as Mauro (op. cit. pp. 428-31) rightly observes: “The first part of [Revelation] chapter 13 refers to and exactly delineates the Roman Empire…. The second part of the chapter as clearly pictures Papal Rome  exercising ‘all the power of the First Beast before him’…. The movements now in progress in the three great departments of human affairs  the political, the commercial, and the religious  are all converging to one end, and will eventuate in a single system comprehending in its vast embrace all human affairs of every sort and kind. This monstrosity will be a [World-wide] supergovernment…. Its religion will be 'Humanism'  the worship of Man…. Catholicism too is thoroughly humanistic; and in the person of the Pope a mere human being is already worshipped by millions…. As I see it, there are but two things requisite for the accomplishment of what is briefly outlined above: first, a sufficient motive, which must be one that has a World-wide appeal;

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