John’s Revelation Unveiled – Part 2

Revelation 12:3-4 December 16 


Sixth. The third part of the stars which the Roman Dragon drew down with his tail do indeed remotely refer to Satan's original dragging down of some of the Angels. Yet it probably also (and more immediately)498 refers to the corruption of the Political Leaders (or "Stars") of that significant part of the Satan-bound World then governed as the worldly Roman Empire.499

There had indeed been Roman puppet-princes like King Herod of Palestine (who wickedly attempted to destroy the Lord Jesus at His birth)  as well as Roman puppet-governors like Pontius Pilate (who Satanically tried to destroy the Messiah at the time of His death). So too in later centuries, there would also be Roman Puppet-Emperors like Julian the Apostate and the cruel Phocas (who as Satan's agents would wage war against the followers of Christ).500

It is precisely these later imperial Roman persecutions of Christianity which are emphasized by many Theologians. Prominent examples of such, include: Matthew Henry, Bishop Thomas Newton, John Brown of Haddington, Priestley, Thomas Scott, Adam Clarke, and Albert Barnes.

But even at the very zenith of their power, both Satan the Dragon and his dragonlike Roman Empire could muster minority support only  for their evil machinations. Previously, when Lucifer became Satan, only "the third part of the Stars of Heaven" followed him in his rebellion.471 At the birth of Jesus Christ, again only a minority of the World's Rulers uselessly tried to prevent it.501

During the subsequent Roman centuries, only the third part of the Mediterranean World's resources and peoples were destroyed or impaired.502 And thereafter, even the cumulative spread of violence at the hands of Antichristian Emperors and Romish Popes all together  destroyed hardly a third of the heartland of the West.

O Christian, thanks be to God Who always causes His Kingdom to triumph! For Satan's party is a minority. Already, he is a defeated foe.

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Satan drags only One-Third of the Angels into Perdition 


He was defeated in his initial rebellion; defeated at Christ's birth when the infant Jesus escaped Herod's bloodbath; defeated by our Christ at Calvary, when His foot crushed the Serpent's skull; and defeated when Jesus rose from the realm of the dead, which could not hold Him there. Furthermore, Satan is constantly and progressively defeated by Christians too. For God continually and increasingly bruises Satan under their feet also.503

So on, then, Christian soldiers! Onward, to victory!

                                                           503 Rom. 16:20; I Cor. 15:25-27; II Cor. 2:14.


Christ now rules All Nations, reigning over Them from on High

Revelation 12:4-5 December 17

"The Dragon stood in front of the woman who was ready to give birth    in order to devour her child as soon as he was born. Then she brought forth a male child, who was to rule [or shepherd] all Nations with a rod of iron. Then her child was caught up to God and to His throne."504

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