John’s Revelation Unveiled – Part 2

For after all, we ourselves are Christ-ians  those who belong to Jesus! We are the baptized followers of the Triune God, from Whom and through Whom and to Whom are all things  as explained even in our very first study in this book. We are they who have been redeemed by the Triune God.

We are they whom God has justified  through imputating Christ's Own righteousness to us  so as to make it our very own. We are they whom He is still sanctifying.1033 Hence we keep His Commandments  out of gratitude to Him Who has given us the right to the tree of life.1033

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Revelation 22 December 31 


Indeed, we are those who have the "Father's Name written upon our foreheads;1056 who serve the Lamb alias God the Son;1057 and to whom the Spirit and the bride keep on saying 'Come!'1058 For we are they whom our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ enjoins: "You must therefore keep on going and keep on making all Nations into disciples  baptizing them into the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost  teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you. And look, I am with you always  even till the end of the age!"1059

It is Jesus Who has given us all of the precious promises in the Bible  by now translated into more than a thousand languages, and still continuing to carry its victorious message throughout the World.1060 It is Jesus Who warns us never to add to (or to subtract from) the words of His prophecy.1060 And it is Jesus Who keeps on testifying about "these things  saying: 'Yes, I am coming quickly!'"1061

When Christ ultimately comes again at His Final Return  He will indeed then come quickly. That means swiftly  which is quite distinct from "soon" and especially distinct from "imminently" alias "at any second."1061

Christ assures us He will come again. Indeed, when He does, He will do so quickly. Meantime, may we for our part always enjoy His blessings (as we study and believe and obey His Word)!1033 May we, every day, always praise His Holy Name! And may we ourselves always gladly pray to Him: "Amen, even so, come, Lord Jesus!"1062

Until He comes  may we also always encourage one another. There is no better way to do so, than to urge all of our many brethren: 'Onward, Christian soldiers! Onward, to victory!'

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