Jerusalem, Rome, Revelation – John’s Apocalypse Written Before 70 A.D.

348.   Revelation chapter ten tells how John was commanded to take and eat a little book, and then to prophesy again to many peoples and nations and tongues and kings.169   This seems to refer to his Post-70 A.D. mission to build up the Gentile churches in particular, until the end of his life.   But perhaps it also refers, as some believe it does, even to the much later invention of printing and the publication of Bibles at the time Constantinople was falling to the Turks.   For it is the printing of the Scriptures which very soon led to the Protestant Reformation of the Christian Church.   Cf. the Dordt Dutch Bible, Albert Barnes, Philip Mauro, Lenski, and B.H. Carroll.

349.   Revelation chapter eleven gives an account of how John was told to measure the inner temple of God, while being told that the Pagans would trample down the outer court and the holy city for forty two months.170   In the first instance, this probably applied to the Pagan Roman 3.5-year-long besieging of Jerusalem from 66.5 A.D. onward until that ancient city’s final destruction in A.D. 70.   See sections 21 to 28 & 72 to 73 & 170 to 172 & 257 to 259 above.   This would also date John’s Apocalypse at before 70 A.D.171   Thus Alcazar, Grotius, Hammond, Moffat, R.H. Charles, Zahn, Lohmeyer, Schlatter, and many others.

350.   On the other hand, if the day-year principle of prophecy is here employed (at least at the secondary level in respect of the further central prediction to be fulfilled in later Church History), these 3.5 “years” (or 1260 day- years)172 would indicate the powerful revival of the faithful witness of the Law and the Prophecies in the Christian Church from about the time of the Protestant Reformation onward.   Cf. Tertullian, Jerome, Augustine, Bellarmin, Joachim, Luther, the Geneva Bible, the Dordt Dutch Bible, Poole, and Albert Barnes.

351.   “And after three days and an half, the Spirit of life from God entered into them…. And the tenth part of the city fell.   But the remnant were afraid, and gave glory to the God of Heaven!”173    Note here that even if the 42 months is taken literalistically to mean only 3.5 years from 66.5 to 70 A.D., the “three days and a half” subsequently mentioned cannot similarly be taken literalistically and may therefore well refer to 3.5 day-years alias 1260 years – and thus bring us to the very edge of the Protestant Reformation.

352.   It is precisely through the Spirit-filled witnessing of the Protestant Reformation and its ongoing successors, that the christianization of the World is finally to be accomplished. Cf. Second Thessalonians 2:8f & 3:1.   Then “the seventh angel sounded (his trumpet, after the accomplishment of the christianization of the World.)      And there were great voices in Heaven, saying: ‘The kingdom of this World has become that of our Lord and of His Christ! And He shall keep on reigning, for ever and ever!”174  

– 61 –

353.   This seems to go hand in hand with the destruction of the Romish Antichrist through the powerful Protestant preaching of the Word of God or the Breath of God alias the ‘Spirit of His Mouth’ as predicted in Isaiah 11:1-12 and Second Thessalonians 2:3-8 and Revelation 2:16 & 19:15-21.   With this as-yet-still-future christianization of the ‘kingdom of the World’ – Christianity becomes the only real force in human affairs, and then remains so until the very end of World History.175   Thus: Ambrose, Augustine, Walafrid Strabo, Joachim of Floris, Pierre d’Olivi, Matthew Poole, Albert Barnes, and B.H. Carroll.

354.   It is especially in Revelation chapter twelve that John makes his important chronological transition (from the Pre-70-A.D. Hebrew Church to the subsequent Gentile Church of the following centuries).   Throughout this entire time (from the remote origin of Ancient Israel until the yet-future consummation of the Church), the true people of God reign like a queen under the “twelve stars.”

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