Jerusalem, Rome, Revelation – John’s Apocalypse Written Before 70 A.D.

194.   Tacitus’s Annals 14:33-39 records that the Free Britons slew seventy thousand Romans and their allies in London and their British colony Verulamium (the later St. Albans) – before the Romans (with the help of two thousand German legionaries and eight cohorts of auxiliaries and a thousand cavalry) in retaliation slaughtered the British Queen Boadicea and her armies.   Nero then sent his spokesperson Polycritus to Britain.   “But to the [British] enemy, he was a laughing-stock.   For they still retained some of the fire of liberty!”

195.   In his Agricola (11 & 16f & 28), Tacitus again remarks on the Britons’ “religious belief” and “strongly-marked British religiosity” and “spirit.”   Indeed, “had Paullinus, on hearing of the outbreak in the [new Roman province of South Britain], not rendered prompt succour – Britain would have been lost” to the Roman Empire also because of “the valour of the enemy….   Many of the Britons…sought to defend their property.   Often victorious, though now and then beaten, they were at last reduced.”  

196.   Yet even as late as A.D. 69, records Tacitus (Annals 12:40), the British King “Venut(ius) of the Brigantes…was pre-eminent in military skill…   A sharp contest followed, followed instantly by war…towards us.”   Indeed, Tacitus adds in his Histories III:45, “Venutius retained the kingdom; and we had the war on our hands!”   See too F.N. Lee: Common Law, chapters 10 & 11 (at

197.   The famous Judaistic Historian Josephus records the speech of the (Acts 26:1f) Judaean King Agrippa to the Jews at the start of the A.D. 63 to 70 Romano-Jewish War. There, Agrippa is reported to have warned his people: “The power of the Romans is invincible in all parts of the habitable Earth….   All Euphrates is not a sufficient boundary for them on the

– 35 –

east side, nor the Danube on the north….   They have sought for another habitable Earth beyond the Ocean, and have carried their arms as far as such British islands as were never known before….   Do you also, who depend on the walls of Jerusalem, consider what a wall the Britons had!   For the Romans sailed away to them, and subdued them while they were encompassed by the Ocean.”   Josephus: Wars of the Jews II:16:4.  

198   Indeed, right before the Pagan Romans’ destruction of the temple in Jerusalem during A.D. 70, General Titus (who had together with his father Vespasian previously fought against the Britons in South Britain) urged the besieged Jews to surrender.   To them, Josephus pointed out: “Have you stronger walls than we have?   Pray, what greater obstacle is there than the wall of the Ocean with which the Britons are encompassed – and yet they pay homage to the arms of the Romans!”   Ib., VI:6:2.   Yet, even as he said that, the British King Venut(ius) was blocking the Roman advance from Yorkshire across the Pennines into Cumbria – and the resistance against the Romans in parts of Cumbria and especially Northern Scotland would continue even decades later.

199   As the Pagan Roman Historian Tacitus himself admits,90 the seven years 63 to 70 A.D. were “full of atrocious battles; of discord and rebellion; yea, horrible even in peace. Four [Roman] princes…killed by the sword; three civil wars; several foreign wars, and mostly raging at the same time….   Illyria disturbed; Gaul uneasy; Britain conquered, but soon relinquished; the nations of Sarmatia and Suevia rising against us; the Parthians excited by the deception of a Pseudo-Nero.   Italy also weighed down by new or oft-repeated calamities; cities swallowed up or buried in ruins; Rome laid waste by conflagrations; the old [Pagan Roman] temples burned up; even the capitol [in Rome] set on fire by citizens; sanctuaries desecrated; adultery rampant in high places.   The sea filled with exiles; the rocky islands [like Pandataria and Patmos] contaminated with murder.  Still more horrible, the fury in the city [of Rome].    Nobility, riches, places of honour, whether declined or occupied, counted as crimes; and virtue sure of destruction!”

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