Islam in the Bible

     Dr. Luther believed, then, that the "two regimes, that of the Pope and that of the

Turk, are no doubt the true Antichrist" — in the broader sense of that word.  Against such — "Daniel (11:36), Christ [Matthew 24:24-26], Paul [Second Thessalonians 2:4f], John [First John 2:18] and other Apostles [cf. James 4:1-5 & Jude 4-11] have warned."36

     On Daniel 11 "verses 36-45," observes Keil,37 "Jerome, Theodoret, Luther, Oecolampadius, Osiander, Calovius, Geier and at length Kliefoth interpret this section as a direct prophecy of Antichrist….   The rabbinical interpreters have also adopted the idea of a change of subject in verse 36.   For Aben Ezra, Jacchiades and Abarbanel take Constantine the Great — while Rabbi Solomon takes the Roman Empire generally — as the subject.   Essentially the reference of the section to the Antichrist, is correct."

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     In Daniel 11:37, that Prophet predicts yet more about this tyrant who was so terrible that his coming was predicted already so many centuries before it fully came to pass.   There, that Prophet declared: "Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god.   For he shall magnify himself above all."

     Luther comments:38 "The coarse undiligent Mohammed takes all wives, yet has none; the chaste Pope takes no wife, but yet has all wives….   He who has no wife, has all wives.   He who has all wives, has none.  

     "What happens?   This is what happens — the unashamed undiligent Mohammed makes no pretence of chastity, and (like the whoremonger) takes as many ‘wives’ as he wishes.   Thus he has no marriage and cannot have a marriage — and is thus without wife, and in no state of matrimony."

     Comments Calvin:39 "Some refer this prophecy to the Pope and to Mahomet, and the phrase ‘the love of women’ seems to give probability to this view.   For Mahomet allowed to men the brutal liberty of chastising their wives, and thus he corrupted that conjugal love and. fidelity which binds the husband to the wife….  Mahomet allowed full scope to various lusts — by permitting a man to have a number of wives.   This seems like an explanation."

     "Those who think the Pope to be intended here — remind us of their enforcing celibacy, by means of which the honour of marriage is trodden underfoot….  We observe, then, some slight correspondence….   As Mahomet invented a new form of religion, so did the Pope.   True indeed!"

     Also the Staten-Vertaling alias the Dutch Bible — commissioned by the 1618f  'TU-L-I-P' Synod of Dordt — has some interesting footnotes at Daniel 11:36-40.  There it observes:40 "Some apply this to the Turk" and "the Saracens who first violated the Roman Empire."

     In Daniel 11:41, we learn that "these shall escape out of his hand — even Edom, and Moab and the chief of the children of Ammon." Luther comments41 that "Edom,

Moab, Ammon are no longer the nations they previously were.  For they too have long since physically altered — having become Saracens and Turks." And in Daniel 11:42f, Luther discerns "hell and heaven; the Turks; God and devil."

     In Daniel 11:45, one reads that "he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas, in the glorious holy mountain."   Here, apparently first thinking of the Papacy, Luther declares in his Table Talk:42 "that is, at Rome, in Italy."   But then he also adds there, about Islam: "The Turk rules also between two seas, at Constantinople" (viz. as from the year A.D. 1453 onward).  

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