Islam in the Bible

     "The name ‘False-Prophet’ would, better than any other, describe that power….  To no one that has ever appeared in our World, could the name be so properly applied as to Mahomet….   That power…in connection with the Papacy and with Paganism — constituting the sum of the obstruction to the spread of the Gospel around the World….  

     "Evil spirits [alias demons]…‘go forth unto the kings of the Earth’….  No class of men have been more under the influence of Pagan superstition, Mahometan delusion, or the Papacy — than kings and princes….   It might be presented as affecting the whole World — to wit, the Heathen, the Mahometan, and the Papal portions of the Earth."

     Explains Albert Barnes in his Analysis and his Commentary in Revelation chapter 16: "The Church would ultimately be triumphant….   One great hindrance to the spread of the True Religion, would be taken away by the decline and fall of the Turkish power….   There is every reason to suppose that this passage has reference to something in the future history of the Turkish dominions and to some bearing of the events which are to occur in that history on the ultimate downfall of the Antichristian power….     The Euphrates is represented as a barrier to prevent the passage of 'the kings of the East' on their way to the West….   Applying the symbol of the Euphrates as being the seat of the Turkish power — the meaning is that that power is such a hindrance….  That hindrance is to be removed….  It refers to what is still future."196  

     Nevertheless, at that ‘still future’ time, "the kings of the East would be converted to the True Religion….  There was some hindrance or obstruction to their conversion.   That is, as explained, from the Turkish power….  

     "The destruction of that power — represented by the ‘drying up’ of the Euphrates — would remove that obstruction….   The way would thus be ‘prepared’ for their conversion….   We should most naturally therefore look, in the fulfilment of this, for some such decay of the Turkish [or Muslim] power as would be followed by the conversion of the rulers of the East to the Gospel."

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     Islam is crumbling in our own day, as a result of the impact of Protestantism -as well as a result of the technological and other advances which that Protestantism has either directly or indirectly produced.   The Islamic Caliphate has now been shattered. 

     Indeed, there is today slowly but very surely an increasing spread of ProtestantChristian truth in Muslim lands, and elsewhere too — throughout the World.  There is an increasing drought in the hearts of Muslims and an increasing thirst for the refreshing waters of God's most Holy Word.

     God's true children, some of them still imprisoned in what Luther calls the 'Babylonian Captivity' of Romanism (and of Islam) — are gradually, yet constantly, being liberated into the congregations and denominations of the Reformation.197  Thus John Cotton, Jonathan Edwards, and Samuel Hopkins.  

     In this manner, "the way of the Kings of the East" is being "pre-pared."   As a result, they too are to come to the True Protestant-Biblical religion.   Indeed, it is certain that a great multitude which no man can number, will yet be saved by its Christ-according-to-the-Scriptures.  

     According to Thomas Brightman and John Owen and Jonathan Edwards, this refers to the universal proclamation of the Gospel — and to its willing embracement by the Orient alias "the kings of the East."   According to John Gill and Albert Barnes and the independent Greek Orthodox Scholar Apostolos Makrakis, it similarly represents the christianization of the Muslims. 

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