Holy Harvests: Annual Revivals at Whitsuntide Through Pentecost Feasts

This book is written in chronological and theological order.   The layman, however, may well first wish to read about the way God used Rev. Dr. Andrew Murray to revive Christ's Church — in the main text, at our footnotes 83 to 103.   Next, he may wish to trace the history of Pentecost Prayer Meetings from Moses to Calvin –in the main text at our footnotes 2 to 83.   Thereafter, he may wish to trace the history of Pentecost Prayer Meetings since Dr. Murray until today — in the main text at our footnotes 102 to 111.  Finally, he may thereafter wish to tackle also my other writings (1) John Calvin and the Infilling with the Holy Ghost and (2) Rev. Dr. Andrew Murray — was he a Calvinist, or a Pentecostalist?

I am deeply indebted to my famous predecessor, former Systematic Theology Professor Rev. Dr.

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H.J. Whitney, for kindly writing the Introduction.   He is eminently suited for that assignment. Indeed, Dr. Whitney has visited the land of Andrew Murray four times.   He has personally witnessed the operation of the Pentecost Feast Prayer Meetings in the Reformed Churches of Southern Africa.   Further, he believes the whole world-wide Christian Church again needs to re-activate this truly Biblical practice.12

Dr. Whitney wrote shortly after his 1969 visit to Southern Africa: "Perhaps the greatest feature [there] of the Reformed Church life, is its annual ‘Pentecost Meetings’ — which begin with Ascension Day and go on for ten days…. Thousands of people attend these ‘Pentecost Meetings’…. The Holy Spirit is honoured….   Andrew Murray’s well-known writings on the Holy Spirit are still the standard for many Reformed people….   This feature of Reformed Church life [in Southern Africa] each year, should be publicised abroad!   I doubt if anywhere in the World such a spiritual phenomenon could be found…, holding annual ten-day 'Pentecost Meetings' where the results challenge the entire Church."

Dr. Whitney concluded: "If keen Evangelical Ministers…could make their way to…these ten days of 'Pentecost Meetings,' it could furnish them with inspiration — and challenge them to go home and seek to reproduce in their own country what they had seen in South Africa…..   I came back to Australia more convinced than ever, that if we wish to see revival in our country — we must believe the Word of God and honour the Holy Ghost!"  Thus Dr. Harold J. Whitney's Evangelism the Heartbeat of the Church.13

Dr. Andrew Murray was fruitful till the very day of his death, in his eighty-ninth year.   Rev. Prof. Dr. Whitney turned eighty in 1986, then himself becoming an alert octogenarian.   Indeed, right after Pentecost 1989, he was delighted to learn from the undersigned that his own Queensland Presbyterian State Assembly had just resolved unanimously, effective 1990, to urge all her congregations to "set aside Pentecost Sunday and the preceding ten days as a time of corporate prayer for the revitalisation of the Church."

Precisely to make this possible, the Assembly then rescheduled its future regular meetings — to start somewhat later each year than in the past.   "The Moderator, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the King and Head of the Church, declared the Assembly dissolved, and indicted the Assembly to meet…on Monday, 21 May, 1990, at 7.30 p.m., and pronounced the Benediction."14

Thereby, God granted me to see the fulfilment of one of my own objectives.   For many years, I had been advocating this — especially through the Ad Hoc Spiritual Renewal Committee of the Presbyterian Church of Queensland (of which I was privileged to be the Convener).

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