Have You Been Neglecting Your Baby?

Is your baby really a sinner? Does he right now need cleansing with the blood of Jesus? Where will your child spend eternity if he dies today? Is it required even for your infants to receive Christian baptism?

When man fell into sin, guilt and death came upon Adam and all his descendents.1 Consequently, until a person has been born again and justified by grace through faith in Christ, he cannot even see, and still less enter into, the Kingdom of God.2

This means that all people on earth (even from their very conception onward) are sinners in the sight of God. Men and women and even children and babies all need to be washed in the blood of Jesus Christ for there is no other way by which they can be saved!3

Of course, Christ redeems His people and He does so without baptism.4 But baptism points to and seals their redemption through the sprinkling of the blood of the Lamb.5

Consequently, baptism should always be regarded as a matter of considerable importance.6 Indeed, "whoever believes and is baptized, will be saved; but whoever does not believe, will be condemned!"

Right after the fall, God clothed the nakedness of our first parents when He put coats of skins upon them.8 These garments pointed to the sin-covering work of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, Who would take away the sin of the world.9 Doubtless, Adam and Eve also put clothes on their own babies shortly after they were born, to protect them from their hostile environment.10 Similarly, the Bible tells us that Christians are to be "clothed" with baptism, or to have it put on like a garment.11 And the Bible further tells us that we are to have these baptismal "clothes" put on our own infant children too.12

How irresponsible Adam and Eve would have been, if they had let their babies grow up unclothed — and if they as parents had waited many years until their offspring finally decided for them-selves whether they wanted to wear clothes or not! Is it then not also irresponsible today, when some Christian parents refuse to clothe their own infants with the garment and badge of baptism (as the sign and seal of cleansing with the blood of Jesus)? Is such neglect not a serious exposure of their prone-to-sin and naked babies to all the attacks of Satan?

The Protestant Reformer John Calvin was probably the greatest Bible commentator of all time even according to most of those of his opponents who have taken the trouble to read his writings. In his commentary on Galatians, he discussed the Apostle's statement (that as many of you as have been baptized into Christ, have put on Christ). He remarked that Paul "employs the metaphor of a ‘garment’ when he says that the Galatians have put on Christ. And by this metaphor, Paul means that they are

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united to Christ in such a way that, in the sight of God, they bear the Name and Person of Christ and are viewed in Him rather than in themselves.1 3 Dear Christian reader, while desiring this for yourself, is this not exactly what you desire for your own little babies too?

At the time of the flood, only one thing would save both adults and even little children from drowning to death. They had to be located inside the ark of the covenant! They themselves had to come into the ark, or otherwise they had to be brought into the ark by others! But they all needed to be inside the ark of Christ's covenant, which alone provided salvation and escape from punishment.14

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