God and Science in the Light of Genesis 1-9

God pre-existed our entire universe.    He alone is the One True Key for interpreting everything He created and signifies everything God made -– Heaven, Earth, light, air, plants, sun, moon, stars, water creatures, air creatures, land animals, and His sole image man.  Science, means God's image man's ever-deepening attempt to scrutinize all that he surveys.   As such, it constantly needs revision!


                  TABLE OF CONTENTS

  Preface by Rev. Professor Dr. F.J.M. Potgieter (M.A., Ph.D., Th.D.)

  1.   Deep questions which demand fundamental answers.  2.   Christian faith and the pursuit of science.   3.   Man’s scientific task from the very beginning.  4.   Sin obscures science.    5.   Science in spite of sin.    6.   Revelation necessary for science.  7.   Salvation necessary for true science.   8.   Theology and science.    9.   Philosophy and science. 10.   Christian scientific principles.   11.   Scientific principle of deity.  12.   Scientific principle of trinity.  13.   Scientific principle of unity.    14.   Scientific principle of pluriformity. 15.   Scientific principle of predetermination.   16.   Scientific principle of exnihilation.   17.   Scientific principle of formless voidity.   18.   Scientific principle of formation.  19.   Scientific principle of law and order.   20.   Scientific principle of sustentation. 21.   Scientific principle of non-evolutionistic development.  22.   Scientific principle of individuality. 23.   Scientific principle of interdependence. 24.   Scientific principle of original revelation. 25.   Scientific principle of finished creation.   26.   Scientific principle of obscuration by sin.  27.   Scientific principle of common revelation. 28.   Scientific principle of common grace.  29.   Scientific principle of special revelation.   30.   Scientific principle of special grace.  31.   Scientific principle of the Holy Scriptures as our needed spectacles.   32.   Scientific principle of experimental verification.  33.   Scientific principle of the partialness of human knowledge. 34.   Scientific principle of cosmic renovation.   35.   Application of the above to astronomy, geology and palaeontology.


36.   Application of the above specifically to astronomy. 37.   Application of the above specifically to geology.  38.   Application of the above specifically to palaeontology. 39.   God created the universe before the 4000 B.C. Adam (Genesis 1:1a). 40.   Our created planet Earth was void before its adornment (Genesis 1:1b-2). 41.   Our planet adorned in precisely six divine formation-days (Genesis 1:3-31). 42.   Oceans, wind, rain, mountains and continents all primordial (Genesis 1:2-9). 43.   Plants always  mortal, and some were fossilized into coal (Genesis 1:11-13). 44.   Institution of seasons promoted further fossilization (Genesis 1:14f).  45.   Carnivors and herbivors created, and fossilized into oil (Genesis 1:20-25).  46.    Immortal omnivorous man created as God’s unique image (Genesis 1:26-29). 47.   From subsequently creating, God 'rests' in man forever (Genesis 2:1-3).  48.    Length of Earth’s six formation-days and God's Sabbath (Genesis 1:3 to 2:3). 49.   Adam’s fall into serious sin and its consequences (Genesis 3:1-13).   50.   God’s saving promises to fallen man (Genesis 3:14-24).   51.   God’s drowning of ungodly men and their animals (Genesis 6:6-17).  52.   The extent of the Noachic Flood (Genesis 7:4f).   53.   The nature of Noah’s Deluge (Genesis 7:17-20).  54.   No Noachic Flood orogeny or fossiligeny (Genesis 7:19-23). 55.   Diluvial catastrophism refuted (Second Peter 2:5 & 3:6). 56.   The goal to be aimed at when considering creation and Noah’s flood etc. 57.   God’s purposes from exnihilation till Adam (toward subjugation). 58.   God’s purposes from Adam till Abraham (toward consummation).     59.   God's Word or Son as the beginning and the end of all science. 60.   Summary.                                    



Nothing would have displeased the Reformer of Geneva more, than if one were to write — "Another publication inspired by John Calvin!"

If ever a man realized that he could be no true master, unless he had been instructed by the Master — it was Calvin.   He indeed inspires and teaches, because of his love for Him Who is the Truth.

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