Baby Belief Before Baptism - Contents

15 April 2002 [PDF format only at this stage.]
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Scriptual Prooftexts
The Reformed Confessions
Table of Contents
Usual Order of Sources Discussed
IThe Bible on Covenant Baby Belief Before Baptism 1-62HTMLPDF616k
IIBaby Belief Before Baptism in the Ante-Nicene Church 63-145HTMLPDF716k
IIIBaby Belief from Nicea to the Reformation 146-256HTMLPDF961k
IVJohn Calvin on Baby Belief before Baptism 257-389HTMLPDF1059k
VBaby Belief from Knox till the Westminster Standards 390-483HTMLPDF823k
VIBelief within Babies from Westminster till Today 484-662HTMLPDF1301k
VIIConclusion: Christianity's Baby Belief Before Baptism 663-668HTMLPDF51k
 Epilog 669-677HTMLPDF125k
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