Daily Devotions

An upright old man loses all he had

Job 1:1-20

‘The Sabaeans fell upon (Job’s sons and daughters) and took them, (and) slew the servants…. The fire of God fell from the sky, and burned up the sheep and the servants…. The Chaldeans…fell upon the camels and carried them off…, and slew the servants…. A great wind came…and…fell upon the young men (Job’s sons and daughters), and they are dead…. Then Job…fell down on the ground, and worshipped!’ Job:1:14-20.

Job was an upright man around 1520 B.C., who feared God. He must have been well advanced in years. For he had seven sons and three daughters, and had amassed much wealth. Job 1:1-3.

In his Sermons on Job 1:1-8, Calvin says: “The story here written, shows us how we are in the hand of God…. It lies in Him to determine our life, and to dispose of the same according to His good pleasure…, and especially…when it pleases Him to lay His hand upon us…. Yet notwithstanding, we must hold our peace and not grudge, but rather confess that He is righteous….

“Consider not only the patience of Job…. Job continued in misery…. There is nothing better than to submit ourselves to God, and to suffer peaceably whatsoever He sends us…. God does not ever punish men according to the measure of their sins, but has His secret judgments….

“Job…was of great antiquity…. A man may perceive from the book of Ezekiel (14:14-20), that the name of Job was renowned among the people of Israel.” And James too (5:11) perceives him to have been very enduring and patient.

“Touching the name of Job, some interpret it to signify Weeping or Wailing…. The records of Ezekiel and…James show right well that there was indeed a Job….

“Job, then, had an upright and a sound heart…. He feared God. Yes, he was a man who feared God and withdrew himself from evil…. When he says that Job feared God, he means to set out the religion that was in him….. If we will frame our life aright, we must first have an eye to God, and then to our neighbours…. This fearing of God…comprehended all religion….

“Job was an exceeding rich man…. It is no small thing to have seven thousand head of small cattle, five hundred yoke of oxen, as many she-asses, and as many camels…. Here is great substance for one man….

“His patience was so much the more praiseworthy. For he, being bereft of such great goods and brought to extreme poverty, did notwithstanding continue quietly, as if he had lost little or nothing!…. It was an incomparable virtue in Job, to bear patiently God’s taking away all the things which He had put into his hand” — his servants, his sheep, his camels, and his sons and daughters. But Job then simply fell down upon the ground, and worshipped God.

Think of it! An upright old man lost all he had — and then he worshipped God!