Daniel’s Eschatology



is christianized, before the end of World History. 

     So even the Resurrection and Heavenly Session of Jesus was only the beginning of Christ's Kingdom.   Although His Resurrection from the dead did in principle shatter all anti-Christ-ian empires before and after that event, it nevertheless then destroyed them — only in principle.    

     Indeed, the practical work of shattering Paganism and converting the various anti-christ-ian empires into Christ's Own Empire — would, and will yet, take not a little time.   That is the great work of converting to Christ: (first) the heathen Roman Empire; (second) the Romish Church which replaced it; (third) all Pagan Animists; (fourth) Hindus and Buddhists; (fifth) Atheists and Humanists; (sixth) the Moslems; and (finally) the World's Judaists. 

     It is a work which, down through the Christian centuries, is to be prosecuted with vigour — by King Jesus' ever-increasing Kingdom-body here on Earth. That is His Church — in which He as the risen Saviour still lives and always shall live, in the powerful Person of His indwelling Spirit. 

     Accordingly, even after the Stone had smashed and "consumed" the statue representing the Pre-Roman and the Roman empires — we read that this Stone goes on rolling.   Like a snowball, it then becomes bigger and bigger, until  

— even as Daniel infallibly predicted — "the Stone Which smote the image, became a great Mountain and filled the Earth."1765 

     To become this huge Mountain which fills the whole Earth is the final destiny of the ever-expanding Kingdom of Christ.   On the one hand, the Mountain is Christ's Kingdom which is already right here on Earth.  Thus the Geneva Bible, the Dutch States' Bible of the great Synod of Dordt, Matthew Poole,  Adam Clarke, Albert Barnes, and C. van Proosdij.     

     Yet Christ's Kingdom is still to expand into this World-embracing Mountain — especially during the times of future blessing.   Thus John Brown of Haddington, Thomas Newton, Joseph Priestley, Thomas Scott, the D'Oyly & Mant Bible, and the Cottage Bible. 

     An extended quotation from Calvin's comment on Daniel two's Stone Kingdom, will be helpful at this point.   "Grant, Almighty God…that we may raise our eyes upward and consider how much power You have conferred upon Your only-begotten Son!   Grant also, that He may rule and govern us by the might of His Spirit, protect us by His faithfulness and guardianship, and compel the whole World to promote our salvation…until, at length, we enjoy the fruit of the victory which You have promised…. 

     "Christ first appeared cast down and lowly.   But the Branch [Isaiah 11:1 & Ezekiel 17:19] increases wonderfully and beyond all expectation and calculation, unto an immense size — till it fills the whole Earth.    

     "We now perceive how appositely Daniel speaks of Christ's Kingdom….   The Prophet here puts an end to the Roman Empire when it began to be torn into pieces.   As to…when Christ's reign began, I have just said it ought…to be referred to the preaching of the Gospel.   From the time when the Gospel began to be promulgated, we know the Roman monarchy to have been dissipated and at length to vanish away….   It ought not to be restricted to the Person of Christ, but belongs to all the pious and the whole body of the Church…. 

     "With regard to the word 'Mountain' — I have no doubt Daniel here wished to show Christ's reign to be sublime, and above the whole World….   As to the reign of Christ, He cannot be deprived of the empire conferred upon Him.  Nor can we who are His Members, lose the Kingdom of which He has made us par

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