Daniel’s Eschatology

     Even many Judaistic expositors — like Josephus, Eliezer, Jephet ben Ali, Rashi and Abraham ben Ezra — have all understood Daniel's Stone Empire to be the Messianic Kingdom.   Practically all Christian expositors agree with this — and further identify Jesus Christ as that Messianic King Who is God's Word. 

     That Word or Eternal Logos came down from Heaven, in order to set up His Own Kingdom right here on Earth.1758   Here, He would purify and "consume"1746 from the previous World-empires all things useful.   From those previous empires, Christ would save whatever He wants to preserve — and then incorporate those same elements into His Own new and ultimately World-wide Kingdom.    

     He keeps on doing this — until "the kingdom(s) of this World have become the Kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ."   As man, He acquired the right to reign over the World — at His Resurrection.   Since then, He has been exercising this right increasingly — and especially ever since His Royal Coronation at His Heavenly Session, right after His Ascension.   Indeed, ever since — "He shall keep on reigning, for ever and ever!"1789    

     For Daniel declares that the Messianic or Fifth Kingdom, inaugurated at Christ's Incarnation — will stand for ever.1765   That indeed this Messianic Kingdom is intended by Daniel's rolling "Stone" — is the considered view of many Judaistic Theologians (both Pre-Christian and Post-Christian).   And that specifically Jesus Christ and Christianity are that Stone Kingdom — is the almost unanimous opinion of all Christians.1747 

     The comments of the Geneva Bible, are again very helpful.  "All the kingdoms of the World are transitory, and the Kingdom of Christ alone shall remain for ever."1760   Christ's "Kingdom, at the beginning, would be small."   Yet it "would at length grow, and fill the whole Earth."1761   And this Kingdom, in Daniel — "which he calls a great Mountain" — is "not only referred to the Person of Christ."   In addition, it refers "also to the whole body of His Church and to every Member thereof."   Indeed, it "shall be eternal."1761 

     This everlasting Kingdom (of God) is not just something that would be set up only at the Second or Final Coming to Earth of our Lord Jesus Christ.   To the contrary, this Kingdom was established already "in the days of these kingdoms" — namely, in the days of the four previous kingdoms already mentioned by Daniel in his description of the image in Nebuchadnezzar's dream.1746    

     For it should be noted that the Messianic Stone Kingdom hit the feet of the image — not its ten toes!  This indicates not only that the Stone Kingdom was already in existence long before it hit the feet.   But it also indicates that the Stone's principal destruction of the image began when it hit the feet — and long before the later division of the feet into its "toes" or various disparate elements.    

     Now the division of the fourth of these kingdoms, alias the Roman Empire, into ten "toes" — would take place at various times between A.D. 351 and the A.D. 476 fall of Rome.   It would occur also before the Bishop of Rome was first called "Pope" alias "Father" — in A.D. 533 by the State (cf. Daniel 7:8 & 7:20), and in A.D. 604f by the Church (cf. Daniel 7:24f).   

     Note further that the division is not that between the Eastern and the  Western Roman Empire.   For the legs of the image are described as being together (at the thighs), and not separated.    

     Nor are we told that the feet of the image but only that its toes were

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