Daniel’s Eschatology

     Christ's Ascension and Heavenly Session in principle, ended the dominion or kingdom of the four heathen World-empires.1829   On the basis of Christ's work, "the saints of the Most High shall take possession of the kingdom; and maintain possession of it for ever, even for ever and ever."1813 

     In practice, however, the saints now still meet with anti-christ-ian resistance — whenever they attempt to expand the recognition of Christ's Rule within the World.   For, though defeated by the earthly work of Jesus Christ our King — the four successive heathen World-empires (or the remnants of what is still left of them) still live on, in spite of now being in their deaththroes, even after the Heavenly Session of Christ. 

     Moreover, though dethroned and mortally wounded — they even seem to revive, and to take power again.1831   For "as concerning the rest of the Beasts, they had their dominion taken away.   Yet their lives were prolonged for a season and time"1832 — even after Christ the King, through His earthly work, had disinherited them.1833 

     The fourth Beast seen by Daniel, was the heathen Roman Empire — thus the pre-Christian Hebrews; the Epistle to Barnabas; Jerome; Theodoret; etc.1834   It was conquered in principle by the earthly work of Jesus Christ as the Son of man, when He at His Resurrection and Heavenly Session in principle commenced His Royal Rule both in Heaven above and here on Earth.1835    

     However, this Earth of ours is now to be conquered in practice too — by the Spirit of the same Lord Jesus Christ.  For He now works through His earthly followers — as they progressively establish and maintain possession in His Name, over all of the Countries on this great planet Earth.1836 

     Now in Daniel's vision the fourth Beast (namely the imperial Roman kingdom) had, or grew, and was then seen to have — ten horns.1837   Apparently, these ten horns were already there in principle — under the scalp of the Roman Beast, as it were — even when Christ in His Resurrection and Ascension and Heavenly Session took away the dominion of the Beast.    

     Yet it was especially after the Heavenly Session of Christ, that these ten anti-christ-ian kings or rather kingdoms slowly grew out of the scalp of the Beast.   Indeed, only later would they receive still further power.1839    

     For, as John wrote in the Book of Revelation (no earlier than A.D. 65 alias some thirty years after1840 the Heavenly Session of Jesus Christ): "The ten horns which you saw, are ten kings which have received no kingdom as yet.  



But [they shall later] receive power as kings [or as kingdoms for an] hour [alias for a season of time, together] with the Beast."1841



     At some considerable time after at least thirty years subsequent to the Heavenly Session of Christ, then, the ten kings or kingdoms would receive their power.   But later still, yet "another [kingdom] "shall subdue three kings"1842 — that is, shall suppress three of those ten previous kings or kingdoms.1837    

     "Look!" predicted Daniel.  "There came up among them [the ten fully-grown horns],1837 another."   This was, at first, but a "little horn."   Yet, at its place — three of the first horns were plucked up by the roots."1843    

     This would then leave seven of the ten horns remaining behind, with the new 'thin' and "little horn" itself soon constituting a new eighth.   It would then itself go on to grow ever thicker and bigger — into a very stout and arrogant kingdom. 

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