Daniel’s Eschatology

     For Rome consumed the four remnant pieces of the third alias the Grecian Empire.   Indeed, Rev. Dr. Adam Clarke points out in his Commentary on this very chapter Daniel seven that Rome conquered Macedon in B.C. 168; Pergamos in B.C. 133; Syria in B.C. 65; and Egypt in about B.C. 30 — just before Christ came and set up His Own Messianic Kingdom ultimately to overthrow Rome and all other anti-christ-ian powers. 

     In Daniel's dour dream, this fourth Beast was "dreadful and terrible and exceedingly strong….   It had great iron teeth…and ten horns."1790    

     States the great Historian Edward Gibbon in his Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire,  

    the Babylonian and Persian and Grecian empires in Daniel two's "image of gold or silver or brass that serve [to depict] Nations and their kings — were successfully broken by the 'iron monarchy' of Rome (see Daniel 11:3140)."1753     

     Very clearly — the iron teeth of the fourth Beast in Daniel's own dream (in chapter seven), correspond to the iron legs of the image representing the fourth World-empire in king Nebuchadnezzar's earlier dream.1791   And the ten horns of the fourth Beast in Daniel's own dream, correspond to the ten toes on the feet of the image representing the fourth World-empire in king Nebuchadnezzar's dream.1792    

     These ten toes and ten horns in Daniel chapters two and seven, also correspond to the ten horns of the Beast that rose up out of the sea in the Book of Revelation.1793   They can refer only to the various parts of the later Roman Empire — as the successor to all the previous great World-empires, from Babylon the great onward.1794 

     But the heathen Roman Empire, together with the remnants of all the preceding World-empires which it incorporated into itself,1794 was doomed.   For God would send Christ to destroy these four thrones and also the fourth Beast,



and to give Judgment against them all. 

     Wrote Daniel concerning his vision about the future:1795 "I kept on looking, even until the [fourth] Beast was slain, and his body destroyed and given over to the burning flame.   As concerning the rest of the Beasts — they had their dominion taken away…. 

     "I kept on looking till the thrones were overthrown [or put right] and the Ancient of days sat down.   His garment was white as snow and the hair of His head like pure wool."1796   

     As regards the four World-empire rulers on this Earth, "the thrones were overthrown."   As regards the Heavenly Rule of the earthly saints of Christ, "the thrones were put right."1796   Thus Luther, Calvin, the Geneva Bible, Matthew Henry, Albert Barnes, and others.1796 

     In principle: these events took place at the time of the Resurrection, Ascension, and Heavenly Session of Jesus Christ.   For this "Ancient of days" with snow-white garment and wool-like hair, was God-in-Christ Himself.    

     This God-in-Christ, is the triumphant Son of God.   He, after His Ascension into Heaven, mounted to the Throne of the Universe on the right hand of God the Father — as the Son of man at His Own Heavenly Session.    

     It was God-in-Christ, the risen Son of man, Whose "head and hair were like wool as white as snow."   Thus the Apostle John's description of Him in the Book of Revelation.1797    

     It was this same God-in-Christ Who, in Daniel's prophecies, is the Stone cut from the mountain without human hands.   He is the One, in king Nebuchadnezzar's dream,1798 Who destroyed the four heathen World-empires — when He smote the Roman feet of the image.  

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