Daily Devotions

The murder and burial and resurrection of Jesus

Acts 13:28-30

‘Though they (the Jews) found no cause of death in Him (Jesus), yet they desired of Pilate that He should be slain…. When they had fulfilled all that was written of Him, they took Him down from the tree, and laid Him in a sepulchre. But God raised Him from the dead, and He was seen many days by them which came up with Him from Galilee!’ Acts 13:28-31.

Calvin comments: “Christ was put to death, without deserving it…. He would not have obtained righteousness for us by His death, if He had suffered for His Own misdeeds…. It was necessary for Him Whose death is an atonement for the sins of the world, to be innocent….

“Paul had made it quite clear, that Pilate did not condemn Christ by virtue of his office as a judge — but that, when he was prevailed upon by the outrageous demands of the people, he granted permission for Him to be handed over to death…. At the same time, the Jews were driven by wilfulness and not by reason to desire the death of Christ. For his (Paul’s) listeners had to be
frightened into not associating themselves with such an abominable crime, as accomplices….

“‘When they (the Jews) had fulfilled all things….which God allowed to be done through them…, they handled Christ is such a way that not one of the prophecies of Scripture was neglected. In this way, the stumbling-block which the carnal mind imagines from the ignominy of the cross is removed — viz. that the Son of God was not given up to the raging fury of His enemies, but met death in accordance with the Father’s decision. Moreover, it is clear from the Scriptures what sort of circumstances were appointed for Him long before….

“He was buried by Pilate’s permission…. Guards were placed at the sepulchre, by the decision of the priests…. Joseph and Nicodemus committed Christ to the sepulchre…. Paul’s intention here is…to prove the resurrection of Christ….

“God brought Him out of the sepulchre in which His enemies had shut Him up, and on which they kept guard…. They even set a guard over it!… Nevertheless, it was not found. The deduction from that, is the certainty of the resurrection!

“‘God raised Him (from the dead)!’ The death of Christ was certainly the salvation of the godly. But in conjunction with the resurrection.

“Therefore Paul dwells longer on this second aspect. For he would never have convinced his hearers that salvation must be sought from His death — unless the power of God had been evident in raising Christ up….

“Christ came out of the tomb which was under the eyes of the hired servants of His enemies. He now adds that He was seen by many disciples, who gave faithful testimony to the people!”

So, after the murder and burial of Jesus — that was followed by His resurrection! For you?