Creation and Commission: Genesis 1 to 3 – Translation and Commentary

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The Eternal God-Triune covenantally creates the Tri-Universe

1:1 God-Triune created [the Tri-Universec alias] the two Heavens and the Earth at the beginning.     1:2 Then, the unshaped Earth was empty.   And darkness was upon the surface of the ocean depths.   Yet God-Triune’s Spirit kept on hovering over the surface of the waters.

1:1a) ‘God’ is plural, Hebrew ’Elohiym; yet He ‘created” singularly (cf. Genesis l:lb). So one  might rather profess that He is ‘uni-plural’; and created ‘tri-une-ly.’   For ’Elohiym is the one   Almighty and independent Deity, triunely existing in three eternal Persons (as the Father and  Son and Holy Spirit).   Cf. Genesis 1:1-3,26 & 3:22 & 11:6-7; Job 26:13 & 27:3 & 32:8 & 33:4  & 34:14-15; Psalms 33:6-11 & 90:2-4; Proverbs 8:12,22-30; Malachi 2:10; Matthew 3:16-17 & 28:19; First Timothy 1:17 & 6:14-18; and Hebrews 9:14.   This triune name ’Elohiym is apparently derived from two other Hebrew words: El (or “Almighty”) and ’aalaah (or  “swear”).  

The name ’Elohiym implies that all three “Almighty” Persons of the one Triune God have from all eternity sworn an oath and made a Covenant of love with One Another.  Cf. John 17:5,24; First Corinthians 2:10-11; Hebrews 6:l3-8.   A “Covenant” is an oath between two or more persons promising blessing for obedience and threatening a curse for disobedience.   Cf. Genesis 1:26 & 1:28 & 2:16-17 & 6:12-19 & 9:1-17 & 15:1-17 & 17:1-19 & 21:22-23 & 22:11-18 &  26:1-5 & 26:25-31 & 27:27-29 & 28:12f & 31:42-55 & 32:9-12 & Jeremiah 34:13-20 and Hosea 6:7 etc.   So the covenantal meaning of ’Elohiym would then be: “I swear I would no longer be God if I were not triune”; or “I swear I would no longer be God  if the Father were not to keep His Word or Son in the power of His Spirit.”

1:1b) “Created” is here in the singular form of the original Hebrew verb (though indeed governed by the plural or rather ‘uniplural’ noun in Genesis 1:1a).   God not merely made (or manufactured), but He created or exnihilated (and brought the ‘Tri-Universe’ into being out of  nothing).   Genesis 1:1b & 2:lb-3g; Psalm 33:6-11; Isaiah 44:24 & 48:6-7; Acts 14:15 & 15:18 & 17:24; Romans 4:17; Hebrews 11:3; and Revelation 4:11. 

Three Persons of God-Triune covenanted with One Another to create the ‘Tri-Universe’; to maintain it; to unfold it; to redeem it; and to consummate it.   Indeed, compare here: Genesis 1:1a-f,2j,3ab,26a-c,28a-g & 2:lb-3a.   Then God/He/They covenanted with the ‘Tri-Universe’ itself.   For the Triune God swore an oath (cf. Genesis 1:1a) and entered into a Covenant with the Heavens when He created them (Jeremiah 10:12-13; 31:22-36; 33:20-25).  Indeed, the Hebrew words for “created” and “blessed” and “cut off” and “Covenant” all seem to derive from a common root.

1:1c) “Tri-Universe” = the ‘Universe’ created by God-Triune.   The Ancient Hebrews called it: Ha-kol (= ‘Everything’).    Our own word ‘Tri-Universe’ is not inappropriate. For the first verse of God’s Word tells us that God-Triune created two Heavens (see at 1:1d) and one Earth.     Such creatures add up (2 + 1) to a three-fold entity alias a “Tri- Universe” creaturely reflecting the Tri-une God Who created and sustains it.

– 3 –

1:1d) These are the dual Heavens.   “Dual” means only two:  namely the astronomical and the angelical Heavens (cf. First Kings 9:27 and Job 9:7-9 & 38:31-33).   These two Heavens are indeed connected with one another.   For the angels, often called by the same name as the stars (Job 38:7 & Isaiah 14:12-13), were apparently created together with what was later shaped into those stars (Genesis l:l6fg & 2:lb).   The fall of Lucifer and his angels into sin occurred only after their creation (cf. Genesis 1:7e & l:3la).   On the “triune” Heavens, cf. Genesis 1:le & l:8b.   It should be noted that the three-dimensional space (length & breadth & depth) of the material Tri-Universe and its contents, itself reflects the Triune God Who created all things (Romans 1:20).

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