Christians Overcome Papacy and Islam

Right after man's fall, God promised that Christ the Second Adam would come and bruise Satan's head – while Himself getting nicked in His heel.   And Christ's seed too would themselves shortly crush Satan under their feet, down through the centuries.   Genesis 3:15 and Romans 16:20.

We should not forget that even the very angels are ignorant of the day and hour of Christ’s second coming.   And we should also remember it is not for man to attempt to set the month or the year or even the decade of the times of future events which the Father has established in His Own power. 9  

Yet we have been commanded by Christ Himself to discern the signs of the times of happenings prior to His final coming.10    The time of some of these happenings can, we believe, from a close study of the Bible, be established roughly – within a margin of a century or two.

We should approach this whole matter with the necessary reserve.   In so doing, however, it is still quite legitimate and indeed even necessary to inquire — what do the Christian Scriptures teach us about the relevance of the approximate time of the end of our twentieth and the start of our twenty-first centuries?   Are we really living at the end of an age?

Now there was no Papacy nor Islam during the times of the Older Testament.   Yet in Deuteronomy 13:1-11 & 18:15, God warns against false-prophets.

Here, Calvin observed in 1555f A.D.:11 "The wicked like the [Islamic] Turks…do not pretend to come to [the Triune] God ….   They blaspheme with open mouth….   They be utterly cut off from the Church….   False-prophets step up….   (Yet) the Turks…are not more…venomous…to deface the whole doctrine of salvation, than are the Papists….  

"Although the Turks still hold their Mahomet’s Al-Coran; although the Papists still be entangled in their superstitions — all is one….   They hold fast this principle that ‘there is a God’….   But in the meantime…, worship a puppet!…  

"The Roman[ist]s…have transformed the majesty of God — though their intent was to worship the living God….   Likewise the [Islamic] Turks, who say the same thing….

"The [Islamic] Turks set their Mahomet in the place of God’s Son, not knowing [or acknowledging] that God has manifested Himself in the flesh (which is one of the chief articles of our faith)….   Behold, a hypocrite comes to me that would devise a new religion — as it were to set up a Popedom here again, or to bring in the Al-Coran or Mahomet!… 

"The Popish Religion tends to no other end, than to put Jesus Christ to silence…. Mohammed says that his Al Coran is that sovereign wisdom.  So says the Pope of his own decrees….   They be the two horns of Antichrist!"


Not only was there no Papacy or Islam during Old Testament times.   Neither was there any Papacy or Islam during the times of the Early Church.   As predicted in Holy Scripture, they would arise only later — to test and to strengthen Christians.   Daniel chapters 7 to 12; Second Thessalonians chapter 2; First John chapters 2 to 4; and Revelation chapters 9 to 19.

This occurred especially from about A.D. 600 onward, when the Bishop of Rome first appropriated the title of Pope — and when Mohammad first embraced Islam.   It climaxed around A.D. 1215, when the Romish doctrine of transubstantiation was enunciated officially.   Then, after Islam had suppressed Christianity from Central Asia through North Africa and Spain as far as France —  Mohammad II's Turks in A.D. 1453 conquered Constantinople the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire and then started infiltrating northward through Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, the Ukraine, and even Lithuania.

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