Christians Overcome Papacy and Islam

The Church triumphs first over Jerusalem,72 and then over Heathen Rome.73   It triumphs over Heathen Rome, especially after the conversion of Emperor Constantine.74   It triumphs over the so-called Holy Roman Empire and even Papal Rome (which both succeeded Heathen Rome),75 at the time of the Protestant Reformation of the Church.76   And at a still later time, the Church will also triumph over Islam and the subsequent religious whore and international political beast of the Humanism of the French and Communist Revolutions after they themselves further wound the Romish Papacy which produced them.77 

This revolutionary Humanism may yet get recombined with the Romish Vatican (before the final destruction of both).78   Possibly such recombination may yet occur as a result of the Euromark Treaty of Rome after World War II (as perhaps also evidenced by the ten toes of Nebuchadnezzar's image).79   Perhaps it may further get recombined, by the Romish Vatican's modern and ever-increasing flirtation with Socialism and Islam.80   And it may get recombined yet further by the Rome-based papal rôle in integrating the ever-increasing socio-economic synthesis of many of the Non-Christian religions and the political powers of our modern day.81

All these Non-Christian and essentially Anti-Christian 'kingdoms of this World'82 have either already been destroyed, or shall yet be destroyed.   They have been or shall be destroyed in their continuity with one another.   For their continuity was from Ancient Pagan Rome through Mediaeval Papal Romanism and its unruly liberal or Pseudo-protestant daughters.83  

Those unruly daughters include French Revolutionary Humanism and revived Modern Vaticanism and Pseudo-Ecumenism.   Such devices are evident in the modern Treaty of Rome (to integrate socialistically the Post-WWII Common Market economy of Western Europe).   They are also evident in the Romish Vatican's overtures toward the apostate-liberal Pseudo-protestant and Eastern 'Orthodox' and syncretistic World Council of "Churches."   They are further evident in the Papacy's increasing flirtations with both democratic Socialism, the international Communist Conspiracy, and recently even with Islam.  

However, the ever-expanding Stone of Christ's Kingdom slowly breaks up and progressively destroys Nebuchadnezzar's Roman image, and consumes it.84   And after that, the Messianic Stone Itself rolls on — and then yet becomes a great Mountain which fills the whole Earth as the waters cover the sea!85


At the time of the Protestant Reformation — especially Luther, but also Calvin, recorded their views that Christ's Fifth Monarchy in Daniel 2:40-45 would break into pieces not only the fourth kingdom of Pagan Rome.   It would demolish also the Roman Papacy and Oriental Islam that would succeed that Pagan Roman Empire.  Thus, on Daniel 2:40-44, Luther commented:86 "The Roman Empire is to be the last [Pagan Empire]….  No one will be able to destroy it, save Christ alone — and His Kingdom." Yes, He would destroy also the Western Empire's Papacy — and the Eastern Empire's Islam.  

Christ, the Stone in Daniel chapter two, at His Resurrection shattered the Pagan Roman Empire — in principle.    Ephesians 1:20f & 4:8-10, and Colossians 2:12-15.   Then, from A.D. 600 onward, that shattered Roman Empire divided into two legs — as predicted in Luther’s explanation of the dream of Nebuchadnezzar.  

The left leg became the Western Roman Empire, under the Papacy in Rome.   The right leg, the Eastern Roman Empire, later succumbed to Islam — under the Turk Mohammed II and his awesome armies in 1453 A.D. at Constantinople.

"The Turk and the Pope," explained Luther,87 "do not differ at all in the form of religion.   They vary only in words and ceremonies.   For the Turk observes his and Moses’ ceremonies — yet the Pope, partly Christian ceremonies and partly such as were born of his own brain….   Just as the Turk violates the washings of Moses, so the Pope [too] does violence to Baptism and the Sacrament [of the Eucharist].    And just as the former does not stay with Moses, so the latter does not stay purely with Christ."

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