Old Testament

“God saw … that it was good” in Genesis 1

     The expression "God saw…that it was good" is found six times in Genesis one.   First, re the first day of formation, at Genesis 1:4 — but not at all re the second day at Genesis 1:6-8.   Second and third, re the third day of formation, at Genesis 1:10 and 1:12.   Fourth, re the fourth… Read more »

John Calvin on the Genesis of Genesis

-1 – "History," asserts Calvin, "is traced back through a long series of past ages….   Moses testifies….   He does not here put forward divinations of his own, but is the instrument of the Holy Spirit for the publication of those things which it was of importance for all men to know….   He does not transmit… Read more »

Hosea 6’s Comprehensive Covenant

 GOD’S COVENANT: COSMOS-EMBRACING; DECALOGICAL; IRREVOCABLE The Prophet Hosea (around B.C. 750) made a very important prediction.   That forecast, at its deepest level, apparently refers to the work of the Second Adam Jesus Christ — and to the then-still-to-be-outpoured gift of His Holy Spirit on the New Testament’s first Pentecost Sunday. Here is that divine prognostication…. Read more »

God Triune in the Holy Bible

"God Triune, at the start, created the heavens and the earth….   And the Spirit of God Triune kept on moving….   And God Triune [as the Father, in the Spirit] spoke forth [His Son or Word]….   And God Triune said: ‘Let Us make mankind!’….   Like Adam, they have broken the covenant….  But with you, [Noah,] I… Read more »

God and Science in the Light of Genesis 1-9

God pre-existed our entire universe.    He alone is the One True Key for interpreting everything He created and signifies everything God made -– Heaven, Earth, light, air, plants, sun, moon, stars, water creatures, air creatures, land animals, and His sole image man.  Science, means God's image man's ever-deepening attempt to scrutinize all that he surveys.   As… Read more »

Everlasting Rest: Sabbaths Old and New – The Lord’s Day Covenant Till the Unending Day of Glory

 -2-                                                      Table of contents 1.   The Pre-Mosaic weekly sabbath. 2.   The Mosaic Old Testament sweeps through to the New Testament finale. 3.   The New Testament life of Christ the Second Adam and Lord of the Sabbath. 4.   Christ’s resurrection as the hinge of history. 5.   The sabbath on Christ’s Sunday resurrection. 6.   The sabbath… Read more »

Catechism for Converting Paedocommunionists

– 1 – Here we shall show:  that Paedocommunion is irreconcilable with the Ontological Trinity; with God’s Pre-Mosaic revelations; with the Mosaic Exodus; and with the Post-Exodus Pentateuch.   It is irreconcilable also with God’s revelations from Judges to Jeremiah, and from Ezekiel to Christ’s Advent.   It is irreconcilable with the youth of Christ Himself; with… Read more »

Calvin on Man’s Pre-Mosaic Worship of the Triune God

Judaists and Muslims claim Moses and the godly before him worshipped a unitarian god. But Calvin-ists, alias consistent believers in the Holy Bible, assert that not just Moses (Exodus 3:2-16 cf. John 5:45f) but all prior Patriarchs from Adam to Job too worshipped only God Triune. Calvin comments on Genesis 1:1-3 that "Moses has…Elohim, a… Read more »

Calvin on Creation

1-                                                            FOREWORD TO THE FIRST 1985 EDITION As is evident from what the author has published, Dr. Lee is a man of astounding erudition and – of greater importance – one who humbly and unreservedly accepts the authority and infallibility of Holy Scripture.   He is one of the few scholars of our day… Read more »

Holy Scripture’s Holy Spirit! – Testing What Some Claim to be God’s Spirit Against What He Himself Says in His Written Word

– 1 –    "Whatsoever things were written aforetime, were written for our learning, so that we through patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope….   So that the offering up of the Gentiles might be acceptable, being sanctified by the Holy Ghost….and the preaching…of the mystery which was kept secret since the World… Read more »

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