New Testament

God Triune in the Holy Bible

– 1 – "God Triune, at the start, created the heavens and the earth….   And the Spirit of God Triune kept on moving….   And God Triune [as the Father, in the Spirit] spoke forth [His Son or Word]….   And God Triune said: ‘Let Us make mankind!…   Like Adam, they have broken the covenant….  But with… Read more »

Man’s Origin and Destiny

      -2 – Foreword This writing is an update of my 1974 book The Origin and Destiny of Man.   These were lectures originally written for delivery at the (N.C.) Warren Wilson College, for the Christian Studies Center of Memphis (Tenn.).   The latter’s Chairman, Robert M. Metcalf Jr., later arranged for Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co…. Read more »

Tongues at Corinth: Languages, not Ecstasies!

The Character of the Corinthian Tongues Scripture itself suggests that these Corinthian tongues — just like those on Pentecost Sunday — were not incommunicable ecstatic utterances. They were clearly linguistic — that is, spoken in translatable and recognised human languages. Compare I Cor. 14:21f and Isa. 28:11f with Acts 2:4-11. As Dr. W.B. Godby rightly… Read more »

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