Calvin Versus Idolatry

– 1 – "We know that the Son of God has come, and has given us an understanding so that we may know Him Who is true [viz. God the Father]; and we [Christians] are…in His Son Jesus [viz. the Spirit-anointed] Christ.   This is the true God — and everlasting life!   Little children, guard yourselves… Read more »

Calvin on Worship

– 1 – Judaists and Muslims claim Moses and the godly before him worshipped a unitarian god. Nevertheless Calvinists, alias consistent believers in the Holy Bible, assert that not just Moses (Exodus 3:2-16 cf. John 5:45f) but all prior Patriarchs also from Adam to Job worshipped only the Triune God . Calvin comments on Genesis… Read more »

Calvinist Critique of 2003 “Auburn Affirmation” – Refutation of the Hypercovenantal Sacramentology of Reverend S. Wilkins

– 1 – Back in the 1990s, Auburn Avenue P.C.A. Monroe Louisiana’s Rev. Steve Wilkins, taped eight of his sermons — proposing that also baptized but unconfirmed young children should manducate at the Lord’s Supper.   Later, he augmented his tapes with four articles (which were posted to his website in 2001).   Here is an updated… Read more »

John Calvin – True Presbyterian

John Calvin was born a Roman Catholic in 1509.   When he was eight, the Lutheran Reformation started in Germany.   When he was twelve, he became a Roman Catholic Chaplain.   And when he was eighteen, he was appointed a Curate.   At that time, the religious young Calvin had no appreciative interest in the Protestant Reformation whatsoever…. Read more »

Calvin versus Child Communion

– 2 – Previously, we have traced the history of Holy Communion during the Middle Ages from Ritualist Deformation to Catechetical Reformation.   We saw that, after the demise of Chrysostom and Augustine around 430 A.D., Neo-Paganism increasingly went on invading the Church and then anti-catechetically effected her progressive degeneration into mediaeval magic and sacramentalistic Paedocommunionism.  … Read more »

God Didn’t Die on the Cross

1 (1) The famous Scottish Theologian Dr. Robert Shaw once wrote an excellent book on Calvinism titled The Reformed Faith. It bears the sub-title: An Exposition of the Westminster Confession of Faith [1845]. On page 112 of its 1974 Christian Focus Publications edition (Inverness), Shaw states: "The human nature alone could suffer and die." Shaw’s… Read more »

Did God Die on Calvary?

– 1 – Did God die when Christ, Who is God, died on the cross? Does God Himself have blood, and did He suffer pain when Christ shed His blood for the expiation of the sins of His elect? After the decision of the Council of Chalcedon in 451 A.D., explains Berkhof in his book… Read more »

Are the Mosaic Laws for Today?

TABLE OF CONTENTS   I. God’s Laws from Calvin through American Presbyterianism………….1 II. Distinction and Interrelationship of Various Mosaic Laws……………..5 III. The Moral Law of Nature for Adam and All Men Everywhere……….9 IV. Calvin’s Detailed Exposition of the Moral Law of Nature…………….13 V. The Westminster Standards’ Exposition of the Moral Law……………17 VI. The Westminster Standards on… Read more »

Antichrist in Scripture

Copyright 1997. Short Summary of the findings, extracted from a message given at the 1997 Blue Banner Conference.   Let us now shortly summarize the above teachings of Holy Scripture, Martin Luther and Calvinistic Protestantism. 1. About 540 B.C., Daniel predicted the cessation of all new prophesying around the time of Christ’s death. This, Daniel… Read more »

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