Calvinism on the Holy Spirit

Thus (6), as the overflowingly Spirit-filled Jesus Christ still keeps on sanctifying His Church — (7), Christian children will keep on obeying their parents; (8), Christian parents will keep on nurturing their children; (9), Christian employees will keep on serving their employers; and (10), Christian employers will keep on being fair to their employees.    For such are the outworkings of human lives that keep on being filled with the Holy Spirit — more and more, and increasingly.

In Eph. 6:10-12, Paul urges Christians to “be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might” – namely by keeping on being filled with the Holy Spirit.    “For we wrestle…against spiritual wickedness.”

There, Calvin proclaims131 that "we are not logs of wood….   Indeed, we do good.    But we must understand…this working comes from elsewhere…only as…led by the Spirit of God…  The Holy Scripture says that God re-news us and that, being re-generat-ed by His Holy Spirit, we begin to have a good heart and to be inclined to good — not in order that we should be slothful and idle, but in order that God should be glorified….   Our Lord assists us by His Holy Spirit."

Finally, there is Ephesians 6:18-19.    Here, Paul urges Christians to “keep on praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit…, so that utterance may be given unto me — so that I may open my mouth boldly, in order to make known the secret of the Gospel.”

Here, Calvin proclaims132 that "it is necessary for the Holy Spirit to work in us….    The Spirit of God moves us to unutterable groanings which cannot be expressed — without which we could not so much as utter this word  ' Father' [Rom. 8:26]….   

“When the Spirit cries [out with]in us — we can open our mouths to call freely upon God [Gal.

133  Arts. 9,21,22. 134  Q. 6,12,86,109,115-16, & 123-27. 135 Arts. 9,11,14,22,24,33 & 34.

– 39

4:6]….   We shall never be disposed earnestly to pray to God, unless He governs us by His Holy Spirit….   Let us be so stirred, that the Spirit may be our Master and Teacher — and indite in us what we have to utter, in calling upon our God….   Let our prayers proceed from the bottom of our heart!   …  When we should pray to God…, we should be ravished in love” toward Him!

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The later Calvin-istic Standards — all uphold Calvin's own position on Adam's original holi-ness, wholeness and wholesomeness.  They uphold also the need for all Christians to keep on being sanctified by the Holy Spirit — in every aspect of human behaviour. 

Thus, Calvin's own Gallic Confession of the French Reformed Church says133 "that man was created pure, and…fell from the grace which he received….   We are enlightened in faith by the secret power of the Holy Spirit….    We receive, by faith, grace to live holily…, in accepting the promise…that God will give us His Holy Spirit….  The good works which we do, proceed from His Spirit…."

The Heidelberg Catechism of the German Reformed Churches insists that "God created man good and after His own image…in righteousness and true holiness.”   Consequently, after the fall, man must "again [!] be received into favour"– thus showing that re-creation is re-creation; and that redemption steps into the shoes of, and consummates, man’s original and most holy tasks.

Christ, having re-deem-ed us, continues the Heidelberger, renovates or "re-news us also by His Holy Spirit, after His own image….   Since our body and soul are both temples of the Holy Spirit, it is His will that we keep both pure and holy…."

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