Calvin on the Papacy

Meantime, concluded Christ: "Go on your way" — Daniel, old man!   You will soon be buried in your lot — and rest in peace "till the end….   You shall keep on resting.   But you shall stand up, in your lot, at the end of the days!"   Daniel 12:13.   For also Daniel will one day be resurrected. 

Comments Calvin:88 “The Angel does…seem to me…to announce future events — as if He had said, ‘You shall rest!’   Meaning — ‘You shall die; but then you shall stand up!’   Meaning — ‘Your death shall not be complete destruction; for God shall cause you to stand [up again], in your lot, with the rest of the elect!’; ‘and that, too, at the end of the days, in your lot’ [Daniel 12:13].   That is, after God has sufficiently proved the patience of His people, and by long…contests has humbled His Church and purged it until the end shall arrive.”  

Calvin’s condemnations of the Romish Papacy from his Commentary on Hosea 

In Calvin’s 1557 Commentaries on the Twelve Minor Prophets he has much to say about the Papal Church.   Nowhere is he there more copious, than in his exposition of Hosea. 

In Hosea 2:2, and apparently referred to the Israelitic Church, God told that Prophet: “Plead for your ‘mother’ – for she is not My wife!”    

Comments Calvin:89 “‘What, has God not bound His Faith to us?   Is not the Church His spouse?   Can He be unfaithful?’   So say the Papists!    

“But at the same time, they do not consider that their ‘mother’ has become utterly filthy through her many abominations.   They do not consider that she has been repudiated — because the Lord could no longer bear her great wickedness.” 

In Hosea 2:5,  God told that Prophet regarding the Israelites: “Their ‘mother’ has played the harlot.  She who conceived them, has acted shamefully.”    

Comments Calvin:90 “‘To God, all the Papists are bastards.   In vain, then, they boast themselves to be children of God and that they have the holy ‘Mother’ Church.   For they are born by filthy wantonness.” 

In Hosea 2:17, God told that Prophet regarding the Israelites: “I will take away the names of Baalim [alias false-gods and idols or images of them] from out of her mouth.”   That seems inter alia to predict also the Protestant Reformation —  which thereby removed the Baal-like idols from a large part of the deformed Church of Rome. 

Comments Calvin:91 “The Jews…had their Baalim….   Yet they gave this name, to God.   ‘Let us worship Baalim!’   The Papists do the same.   When they enter their temples, they immediately turn to the image of Mary or some saint, and dare not come to God.   At the same time, they [say they] ‘worship’ God – that is, pretend to worship God, and call superstition ‘the worship of God.’ 

“So it was among the Israelites [in Hosea’s days]!   Though the majesty of the Supreme God was not denied, yet that happened which also the Papists say – ‘That Christ is not distinguished from His Apostles.’   All things were with them mixed together, and confused.” 

In Hosea 4:12f, God told that Prophet regarding Israelites: “My people ask counsel at their stocks [alias their wooden idols]….   They have gone a-whoring [away] from under their God.” Comments Calvin:92 “The same thing that the Prophet brought against the Israelites, may be brought also against the Papists.   For as soon as infants are born among them, the Lord signs them with the sacred symbol of Baptism.   They are therefore in some sense the people of God.    

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