Calvin on Islam

     “When we see the troubles that are nowadays in the World – let us not be overcome by them!   Neither let our Faith be defaced!   But the more the devil labours and enforces himself to undo it  — the more let it advance itself and get the upper hand of such assaults!    

     “And when we see ‘false-prophets’ step up…, let us not cease to yield this honour still to God — that we hold ourselves to His Word and start[le] not from it by any means! …  In these days…we see that such as call themselves ‘Christians’ and take that title most upon them — are the worst  enemies of God that a man can find.    For the [confessedly unitarian] Turks [or Moslems] and Jews [or Judaists] are not more fiery and venomous at this day against God — to deface the whole doctrine of salvation — than are the [allegingly trinitarian] Papists….    

     “When we see ‘false-prophets’ step up…we must not fail…nor make a stumbling-block of it to step aside or start[le] away – but overgo [or overcome] it, through the power of faith….   They could find it in their hearts to mingle Mahomet’s Alcoran and all the dotages of the Heathen and all the superstitions of the Papists, with the pureness of the Gospel — and to make a medley of them….   That was the ‘Gospel’ of Mahomet – to turn all things upside down, and to bring all things to confusion…. 

     “Although the Heathen keep still their dotages; although the Jews [alias the Judaists] be wilfil in maintaining these false expositions of the law; although the Turks hold still their Mahomet’s Al-Coran; although the Papists be still entangled in their superstitions – all is one!   For they [all of them maintain or] hold fast this principle, that there is a God….   Meantime, they…worship a puppet, and…have transformed the Majesty of God [viz. the one and only true Triune God] —  though their intent was to worship the living God….   The Papists do, who protest that they worship God the Maker of heaven and earth.   And likewise the Turks, who say the same thing.   And so also do the Jews [alias the Judaists] — notwithstanding that they abhor Jesus Christ…. 

     “When the Turks set their Mahomet in the place of God’s Son — knowing not that God has manifested Himself in the flesh (which is one of the chief articles of our Faith) – what a dealing is it? …    How many things soever men term by the Name of ‘God’ — they be but devils of their  

own devising and setting up, if they keep not themselves fast enclosed within the bounds of the Holy Scripture!    

     “And therefore let us mark well, that we must hold us to the Pure Religion….   An hypocrite that would devise a new religion, as it were to set up a [Romish] Popedom…or to bring in the Al- Coran of Mahomet — such a one ought  now  to be put to death, without forbearing.   For so has God ordained!”2 

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     In Deuteronomy18:15f’s statement to the Israelites, around B.C. 1400, Moses had told them: “The Lord your God will raise up to you a Prophet from your midst, from your brethren like me.   To Him you must hearken!”   The New Testament clearly indicates that this Prophet is Jesus (Acts 3:22-26 & 7:37-59f).   Yet Islam claims Deuteronomy18:15f  predicts the A.D. 600f coming of its own alleged prophet, Mohammed.   

     The well-known Moslem Scholar Sayed Rashid Ahmed wrote in his Mohammad in the Quran: "That Prophet was, of course, the Prophet foretold by Moses (Deuteronomy 18:15; 33:2).   It is clear that neither Jesus nor John the Baptist was meant by ‘that Prophet.’  Whoever that be, they were not [John1:19-25].  That personality was yet to appear, and at last ‘it shineth forth from Mt. Paran’ nearly six hundred  years after this episode….   Muhammad is born, Hallelujah!”3 

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