Calvin on Islam

     The greatest of all Protestant Reformers, was Rev. Prof. Dr. John Calvin (1509-64).   He lived and testified and died — during the time of Islam’s greatest expansion into Eastern Europe.    

     Islam was formulated by Mohammed and his successors from the seventh century onward.   It is a fusion of: portions of the Old Testament; fragments from the Apocrypha; scraps from the New Testament; parts of Post-Christian pseudepigraphical books generally authored by later sectarians; Arabic culture;  the personal utterances of Mohammed as inscripturated especially by his favourite wife Khadiya; and traditions later attributed to him and to his close successors.  

     With Mohammed, Islam had — apparently from nowhere — suddenly swept out of Arabia in A.D. 622.   Soon it gained dominion all the way from Kazakstan in the East and across North Africa into Spain and France in the West — during the subsequent century.   Then, from A.D. 755 to 1000 — it spread all the way from Central Asia right across into Western China.  

     After the Turks in their homeland Turkmenistan became Moslems — most of them later left and exported Islam into Southern Russia and the Ukraine.  Other Moslems later spread Islam right throughout the whole of Northern India, Malaysia, the Western Philippines, and Indonesia.   Yet others spread it from North Africa across the Sahara into West Africa, East Africa, and thereafter into Southern Africa.    

      Its advance into Europe was stopped — temporarily — only in 1683 right outside the Walls of Vienna in Austria.   Since the Second World War, Islam has gained millions of new followers all the way from Australia to Ireland.   Many of them are apostates from Christianity — in Germany; France; Britain; and (also among Black Moslems) in the U.S.A.   In all those countries — Islam is now reputed to be the fastest growing religion in today’s World. 

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     The Christian Crusades, from 1091 to 1291, had failed to check the westward movement of the Turks from Turkmenistan into Palestine on their way toward Turkey.   By 1453, they had captured Constantinople.  Then they started overrunning Southeastern Europe also during the lifetimes of the two great Protestant Reformers — Martin Luther (1483-1546) and John Calvin (1509-1564). 

     Now it should not be thought that Calvin was blind to the few commendable features of Islam. 

     Thus, in his Sermons on Deuteronomy (4:8), he frankly enjoined his Christian addressees: “Look upon the Turks [alias the Moslems]!   They have some reverence to their religion….   So have the Papists also….   Still, both of them are cut off from the Church of God — through their own fault.”1

      Yet Dr. John Calvin nevertheless did not hesitate to brand Mohammad — as a false-prophet.  For in Deuteronomy 13:1-8, God warned His People: “If there arise among you a ‘prophet’ or a ‘dreamer of dreams’…, you shall not hearken to the words of that ‘prophet’ or that ‘dreamer of dreams’….   And that ‘prophet’ or that ‘dreamer of dreams’ shall be put to death.”   This, Calvin applies among others also to the founder of Islam (whom he regarded as a  false-prophet). 

     Explains Calvin in his Sermons on Deuteronomy (13:1f): “The Christian Faith be impugned by the wicked ,which pretend not [or who do not claim] to come unto [the Triune] God — as by the Turks [alias the Moslems]; Paynims [alias the Pagans]; and Jews [alias the Judaists]….   They blaspheme with open mouth….   They be utterly cut off from the Church — like rotten members.   Their resisting of the Gospel — and their striving to abolish the Christians’ Religion — is no great wonder to us…. 

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