Brothers Because of Bloodshed


Correctional Services 3198,

Private Bag X6,

Swellendam 6740.

Dear Prof. Lee,

It is going well with me, in the Name of the Lord Who created us. Sir, I am thankful and rejoice in the Lord that we can write to one another, and that He has carried us thus far.

Professor, I just wish to tell you that I have now been waiting here innocently for ten months for my hearing. So I ask you how one can be innocent of a deed, and wait for judgment. However, I shall prove my innocence fully. But pray together with me that the Father will vindicate.

I am sorry for everything, and wish to ask a favour of you. Would you please help me with R100, so that I can buy a few necessary things for myself? I would honestly appreciate this. Sir, I am now going to close [this letter]

with great love…. Stay with the Lord!

From Kerneels [Cornelius] Witbooi. God's blessing."


Thereupon Professor Lee answered as follows [translation]:

"Kerneels Witbooi — 9471995,

C/0 Commander Correctional Services,

Private Bag X6, Swellendam 6740, Republic of South Africa,

29th September 1996.

Dear Kerneels,

I was very grateful to our Lord finally to receive your letter to me dated

24th April. It seems to have been sent to me by sea mail, and thus took

more than five months to reach me. I am answering immediately, and indeed by air mail, which of course should be delivered to you much more quickly.

I have already sent three letters to you, since we met one another there in the jail. I have often wondered whether you ever received my letters; or, if you indeed answered them, whether your letters were sent to me. Thus, I could do nothing other than pray for you. That I indeed did many times — that the Lord should keep you standing, come what may.

In the meantime I learned from my friends in Barrydale that your trial has constantly been postponed. I then realized how hard it must be for you, so I often prayed here: 'O Lord! May Kerneels's trial soon begin; find him either innocent and acquit him; or find him guilty and give him the punishment he deserves; but may his trial soon begin, and speedily finish!'

Only last week I woke up in the middle of the night and once again prayed for you thus. And today your letter arrived. Many thanks for it.

I rejoice to hear from you that things are going well with you in the Name of the Lord, and that He has carried you thus far. You say in your letter that you are now innocently awaiting judgment. Well, the Lord and hopefully you too know to what extent you may be guilty or innocent of the number of different crimes committed in my father's home, with which you are being charged.

As now requested by you, I shall certainly pray together with you that God the Father stand by you. But as I also told you a while back in the jail: if you are found guilty by the Court, I would like you to get the maximum punishment. I am enclosing for you, in English, my report of our conversation in the jail, to refresh our memories.

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