Biblical, Irish and British Roots of 1861-65 Confederacy

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Did you watch Alex Haley’s TV series called Roots, on the history of Black Americans? I much enjoyed it, though I often disagreed with what it presented as history.

What struck me most about it, was the constant rededication of each new generation of Black Americans — by holding their babies up to the moon shortly after their birth.   To Haley, this seemed to link them covenantally to their African ancestors.

Not just Blacks, but also WASPs — White Anglo-Saxon Protestants — have roots.   I now want to talk about those roots, which I believe go right back from the Dixie Confederacy to our British and Irish ancestors — and indeed further, all the way to God’s Covenant with Adam.

Confederate government goes back to the Ancient British Isles and earlier

In 1861, the Southern Confederacy sought to re-establish the besieged American Union. It did so, by re-affirming and strengthening the 1787 U.S. Constitution.   For that been abandoned, more and more, by the U.S. Federal Government.

In 1787, the thirteen original American States embraced a more perfect Union than that which they had established in their 1776f Articles of Confederation.   That, in turn, was an elaborate extension of the 1643f New England Confederation which Massachusetts had established with Connecticut for purposes of mutual protection.

Also in 1643f, the Solemn League and Covenant established a Confederacy between England and Scotland and Ireland.   That in turn rooted in the National Covenant of 1580 and later — which re-affirmed the confederated solidarity of the nation in all of its classes and families.

Also Ancient Britain was a confederacy.   This is seen in 420 A.D., when the various regions confederated together for defence after the Romans left.   Earlier, it was seen also in 40-85 A.D., when the various tribes had stood together against the Romans –as they had also done in B.C. 58-55, to defend themselves against Julius Caesar.   Indeed, even as early as B.C. 510, Britain had confederated under King Mulmutius of Cornwall — for purposes of maintaining law and order.

Also Ancient Ireland was a confederacy.   This is seen as late as A.D. 432, when St. Patrick convened all her chiefs together to embrace Christianity.   It is also seen as early as B.C. 1383, when King Ollamh Fodhla convened his Confederate Parliament of sovereign States every few years to deliberate on matters of national importance.

Going back still further, around B.C. 1900 we read1 that certain leaders in Canaan "were confederate with Abram" in a defence pact — in order to ward off attackers.   Indeed, also Adam and his descendants were to be confederates linked to God and with one another against Satan.2

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Finally, the Triune God Who created us all is Himself the original and ongoing Confederacy.3   For all three Persons of the Holy Trinity were always in confederate covenant with one Another — and at man’s creation, that Triune God entered into a confederate covenant with all mankind.   Unlike Yankee Transcendentalists, God was never a Unitarian!

Man broke that confederate covenant with God, and instead allied himself with Satan and against God.   But God then came and re-affirmed that confederate covenant with man and against Satan.

When the fallen but Gospel-believing Adam and Eve left Eden, they found themselves in what is now Iraq.4   Later, after the Great Flood, their tenth-generation descendant Noah and his sons Shem and Ham and Japheth and their families left the ark.   They then found themselves on the Ararat Mountain Range, somewhere in Greater Armenia.5

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