Bible and Qur’an: The Reliability of the Original Bible and the Original Qur’an

"We add that the whole Scripture entire as given out from God without any loss, is preserved in the copies of the originals yet remaining….   In them all, we say, is every letter and tittle of the word….   It is a foolish conjecture of Morinus, from some words of Epiphanius, that [the A.D. 250 Christian Scholar] Origen in his Octapla placed the translation of the Septuagint in the midst to be the rule of all the rest….   The truth is, he [Origen] placed the Hebrew, in Hebrew characters, in the first place – as the rule and standard of all the rest….

"Various arguments giving evidence to this truth, might be produced….   I handle them at large….   1. the providence of God in taking care of His Word….   2. The religious care of the Church…to whom these Oracles of God were committed.   3. The care of the first writers in giving out authentic copies of what they had received from God unto many….   4. the multiplying copies to such a number, that it was impossible any should corrupt them all, wilfully or by negligence.   5. The preservation of the authentic copies first in the Jewish synagogues [cf. Romans 3:1-2], then in the Christian assemblies [Second Timothy 3:15 & 5:18], with reverence and diligence.   6. The daily reading and studying of the Word by all sorts of persons ever since its first writing, rendering every alteration liable to immediate observation….   7. The consideration of the many millions that looked on every letter and tittle in this book as their inheritance….   8. The care of Ezra and his companions, the ‘Men of the Great Synagogue,’ in restoring the Scripture to its purity when it had met with the greatest trial that it ever underwent….   9. The care of the Masoretes from his [Ezra’s] days and downward, to keep perfect and give an account of every syllable in the Scripture….   10. The constant consent of all copies in the World, so that…there is not in the whole Mishna…or Talmud any one place of Scripture found otherwise read than as it is now in our copies.   11. The security we have that no mistakes were voluntarily or negligently brought into the text before the coming of our Saviour Who…not once reproves the Jews on that account, when yet for their false glosses [or

– 6 –

misinterpretations thereof] He spares them not.   12. Afterward, the watchfulness which the…Jews and Christians had always one upon another."

Yet in spite of the above, concedes Owen, there arose the false "assertion of the points or vowels…to be a novel invention of some Rabbins of Tiberias in Palestina….   I nowise doubt but…we shall yet manifest that they [the vowels] were completed by ’Ansheey Knesset Ha- Gadolah, the ‘Men of the Great Synagogue’ – Ezra and his companions – guided by the infallible direction of the Spirit of God….

The A.D. 1600 Calvinist "Junius, in the close of his animadversion of Bell. De Verbo Dei II:ii, commends that saying of [the converted Jew and Hebrew Christian] Johannes Isaac against [the Romanist] Lindanus, ‘he that reads the Scriptures without points id like a man that rides a horse achalinos, without a bridle; he may be carried he knows not whither!’   Radulphus Cevallerius goes further (Rudiment. Ling. Heb. cap. iv)…..   Saith he: ‘I am of their opinion who maintain the Hebrew language…to have been plainly written with them [the vowels] from the beginning….   Without the vowels…it hath nothing firm and certain’….  

"This man’s judgment…is my own!" – affirms Owen.   "Jewish scribes and copyists would never have dared to insert vowels not in the originals or ancient copies thereof!"

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