Bible and Qur’an: The Reliability of the Original Bible and the Original Qur’an

Even the revisionist, Marburg’s Old Testament Professor Ernst Wuerthwein, in his famous book The Text of the Old Testament: An Introduction to Kittel-Kahle’s Biblia Hebraica (ET, Blackwell, Oxford, 1957, pp. 11-20) – concedes the existence of a long Pre-Massoretic tradition of producing vowelled copies of the Old Testament.   Wuerthwein declares:

"It is well-known [read:  well-alleged – F.N.L.!] that the Hebrew text of the Old Testament existed for many centuries as a consonantal text….  The vocalisation of the text…was done by the Masoretes….  The [‘Protestant-Judaistic’] Karaite movement, whose influence on the intellectual life of Judaism seems to have been of great significance, led to a flowering of Masoretic activity in the West in about the years 780 to 930….  

"About 1100, the Karaite Hadassi declared that God had not created the Torah without pointing – a view which Johann Buxtorff the Elder (1564-1629) revived….   At the same time, it must be remembered that the Masoretes did not follow their own ideas in vocalising the text – but endeavoured to express exactly the tradition they had received."   Thus Wuerthwein.   My own emphases throughout (F.N. Lee).  

Remember that the A.D. 400 Jerome of Bethlehem could not read the vowels in his infallibly-inspired Hebrew Old Testament at night by candlelight!   Comparing and contrasting this to the equally Co-Semitic but uninspired original Qur’an almost three centuries thereafter, is very interesting.

All of the many human writers of the books of the Bible – from Moses to the Apostle John – were literate.   Either they or their immediate secretaries directly inscripturated their inspired utterances.

Two hundred years after the highly-literate Jerome, who needed daylight to read the vowels in the Hebrew copies of his Old Testament and who could easily read the more prominent vowels in the Greek copies of his New Testament – the illiterate Muhammad was born into an Arabian society itself largely illiterate and overwhelmingly starved of Christian influences.   However, it is very clear even from his Qur’an that some then in Arabia could read and also had been reading – the Old Testament in Hebrew; the New Testament; and especially some of the apocryphal writings.

Yet Muhammad himself, the sole human author of the Qur’an, was illiterate.   His oral utterances were written down (on all kinds of objects from bones to tree-leaves) only after he voiced them.   They were collected into the Qur’an only decades after his death.   Those uninspired utterances by the illiterate Muhammad were recorded initially in A.D. seventh-century Hejazi Arabic.   This was done not only without written vowel marks, but also without diacritical points alias consonantal dots.

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Let us now illustrate this vital difference between the Bible and the Qur’an – with reference to the Biblical texts on the Parakleetos alias the Comforter or Holy Spirit.   This word is misapplied to Ahmad or Muhammad in the Qur’an – as if the original Bible had rather used the vowelless word Prklts (with the meaning of Periklutos as alleged by Islam).

Islam  maintains  that post-apostolic later Christians falsified the primordial Greek word now translated in John 14 to 16 as "Comforter."   According to Islam, the original Greek word was the vowelless Prklts and meant Periklutos (alias ‘the praised one’).    Into Arabic, Periklutos should then be translated ‘Ahmad’ – which would then refer not to the Holy Spirit Comforter but to the ‘praised’ Muhammad.  

So, precisely in order to try and deny this – maintains Islam – post-apostolic Christians falsified the original word in John’s Gospel (meaning Periklutos), by changing it to Parakleetos. This word Parakleetos (meaning ‘the one summoned’ and hence ‘Advocate’ and ‘Helper’ or ‘Comforter’ in the sense of ‘Strengthener’) – Islam alleges was then misapplied by those later Christians not to the promised Periklutos (meaning the ‘praised one’ alias Muhammad) but instead rather to the coming of the Holy Spirit before the later coming of the there-predicted Muhammad (in order to try to discredit the latter). 

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