Baptism Does Not Regenerate! – Calvinism Versus “Christening”


“A child should be presented to God, to receive Baptism purely, according to the institution [of the Holy Bible].   He is instead defiled [by magical sacramentalism] with many perverse and profane ceremonies.   It is quite true that Baptism does not on that account fail to have its virtue as far as the child is concerned.   Because God’s ordinances [such as Paedobaptism] are not abolished by the foolish inventions of men” such as Romish and Eastern-‘Orthodox’ baptismal regenerationism. — John Calvin: A Short Treatise Setting Forth What the Faithful Man Must Do When He is Among Papists and He Knows the Truth of the Gospel (1543)




Foreword (by the late Rev. Professor Dr. F.J.M. Potgieter (Th.D., Ph.D.)


    1.  Intertestamental literature denies circumcisional regenerationism    2.  Early-patristic literature denies baptismal regenerationism    3.  Pre-baptismal regeneration even in some late-patristic literature    4.  Syncretistic Cyprian: the father of baptismal regenerationism    5.  Ritualistic baptismal regenerationism challenged by the Reformation    6.  Modern ritualism maintains baptismal regenerationism    7.  Statement of the problem of baptismal regenerationism    8.  The saints before Abraham were justified without Circumcision    9.  The circumcised Abraham and his uncircumcisable womenfolk  10.  The circumcised yet still unregenerated male Shechemites  11.  God threatened disobedient Moses himself; but not Moses’ uncircumcised son  12.  Zipporah' s circumcising of her son was highly irregular  13.  Calvin' s Institutes on the circumcising by Zipporah  14.  Moses: fleshly Circumcision pointed to that of the heart  15.  The Psalmist trusted in God before he was born  16.  Joel on prenatal sanctification and Circumcision of the heart  17.  Jeremiah on prenatal sanctification and Circumcision of the heart  18.  Calvin on the Circumcision of the heart in Jeremiah  19.  Ezekiel: God says that tiny (uncircumcised) covenantal infants are "My children!"  20.  Malachi predicted the coming of John the Baptizer to convert also children  21.  John the Baptizer filled with the Spirit from his mother' s womb  22.  John the Baptizer prenatally acknowledged his Saviour Jesus  23.  Was John the Baptizer regenerated before his birth?  24.  The sinless Jesus was holy from His human conception onward  25.  John the Baptizer demanded faith from others before baptizing them  26.  John the Baptizer sprinkled not just penitent adults but also their children  27.  Calvin on John' s demand for repentance before Baptism  28.  John the Baptizer refused to baptize unbelieving Pharisees  29.  John' s Baptism of the righteous Jesus Christ our Lord  30.  Jesus evangelized the circumcised but unrighteous Judeans  31.  Water and Spirit and entry into the Visible Church  32.  Calvin stated the passage John 3:3-8 does not refer to Baptism  33.  Not Jesus but only His Apostles then baptized in Judea  34.  Matthew 9:2 & 18:6 clearly disprove baptismal regeneration


  35.  Calvin refuted the Anabaptists from Matthew 19:14  36.  Christ's Great Commission precludes baptismal regeneration yet includes babies  37.  Calvin on "he who believes and is baptized"  38.  The Calvinistic Westminster Standards on the Great Commission  39.  Jesus baptized His Church with His Spirit at Pentecost  40.  Be baptized: for the promise is to you and to your children!  41.  Calvin's baptismal comments on Acts 2:38f  42.  Acts 2:38f in the Calvinistic Westminster Standards  43.  Acts 3: The Abrahamic Covenant predicted Christian Baptism  44.  Acts 7: Circumcision and the faith of Abraham  45.  Baptism did not justify Simon the sorcerer  46.  Calvinism on Simon the Samaritan's Baptism  47.  The Ethiopian eunuch was justified by God before he was baptized  48.  Calvin on the Ethiopian's pre-baptismal faith  49.  Antisacramentarianism too disproved by the Ethiopian's Baptism  50.  Paul believed and was justified before he was baptized  51.  Cornelius and family trusted in God long before their Baptisms  52.  Calvin's baptismal discussion of Acts chapters 10 and 11  53.  The actions of Paul in Antioch-Jerusalem-Lystra condemn the Anabaptists  54.  Jerusalem General Assembly vindicated the Church as the "New Israel"  55.  The tactical circumcising of the faithful Christian Timothy  56.  The Baptisms at Philippi of the Households of Lydia and the jailer  57.  Baptized Households suggest even their infants have faith before their Baptism  58.  The Baptism of John and the fiery believer Apollos  59.  Unitarians in Ephesus were regenerated just before Paul gave them Christian Baptism  60.  Unitarians in Ephesus were not regenerated by or during their prior "John's Baptism"  61.  Paul explained Baptism to the unregenerate Unitarians  62.  Calvin's explanation of the baptismal passage Acts 19:1-6  63.  Acts 19:1-5, to Calvin, teaches faith before Baptism  64.   Paul's sins washed away prior to his receiving Baptism  65.  Calvin: Paul here claimed pre-baptismal regeneration  66.  He is a 'Jew' who has been circumcised in his heart  67.  Circumcision was not righteousness, but it did seal the righteousness of faith  68.  Abraham the 'father of believers'  trusted in God before being circumcised  69.  Romans 4:11 demolishes the arguments of the Anabaptists  70.  Even babies, stained by original sin, need regenerating  71.  After Baptism, we may no longer continue in sin  72.  Esau obviously not regenerated during his Circumcision  73.  Holy parental roots produce holy offshoots for Holy Baptism  74.  Christ sent Paul not to baptize but to preach the Gospel  75.  Paul planted, Apollos watered, but only God gave the increase

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